DHA provided 80 virtual training programs for 2,500 employees from April 2020

DHA provided 80 virtual training programs for 2,500 employees from April 2020

As part of its continuous efforts to train and develop the capabilities of its employees, especially those working in the health field, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revealed that it succeeded in training more than 2,500 employees virtually  from April until today.

Meaad Al Ali, head of the training section at the Human Resources Department at the DHA added that the authority is planning to train 4,000 additional employees by the end of this year within 100 training programs—that have been prepared according to the needs of the authority’s employees.

Al Ali said that despite the circumstances the world is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DHA spared no effort in providing training programmes in order to maintain the distinguished level of services and  to meet the authority’s goals and strategic plans regarding training and qualifying its human cadres across all of the DHA’s departments and sectors.

Al Ali said that the DHA has provided more than 80 training programmes, which benefited 2,500 employees. These include free administrative training programmes provided internally by DHA trainers in cooperation with government agencies and departments as well as training programmes provided by private training centers.  

She said that the training programs focused on a number of topics related to self-development, public health, the environment, patient safety, dealing with fires, leadership, creativity, innovation, emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, customer care and customer happiness, quality in the health field, partnership management, legal, accounting, and procurement.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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