Dubai Culture Hosts Interactive Workshops for Children Under 'Nature and Science' Theme

Dubai Culture Hosts Interactive Workshops for Children Under 'Nature and Science' Theme

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority presents children a journey filled with creativity and a passion for knowledge as part of the Dubai Public Library Winter Camp.

Taking place from 11th November to 22nd December under the theme ‘Nature and Science,’ the camp is designed for two groups of children, the first from 5 to 9 years, and the second from 10 to 13 years old, offering a diverse range of interactive and innovative workshops designed to introduce participants to the intricacies of the environment, explore the wonders of science, and delve into space exploration.

The camp is part of Dubai Culture’s efforts to invest in future generations, stimulate their imagination, and empower them to develop their skills and talent.

Abdul Rahman Younis, Acting Director of the Public Libraries Department at Dubai Culture, said,

“Through a diverse array of workshops and engaging activities that seamlessly combine education with entertainment, we offer young participants the chance to enrich their cultural knowledge, stimulate their creativity, enhance their communication skills, and foster a sense of responsibility, mirroring Dubai Culture’s dedication to motivating the younger generation to be creative.

The Winter Camp serves as a dynamic learning environment, empowering children by honing essential life skills and broadening their horizons across various fields such as science, the environment, space, arts, and more, enabling them to contribute to the enrichment of Dubai’s vibrant creative landscape.”

During the camp, the vibrant atmosphere will extend to the alleyways of Al Safa Art and Design Library as well as the public libraries in Hor Al Anz, Al Twar, Al Rashidiya, Al Mankhool, Umm Suqeim, and Hatta.

Here, children will immerse themselves in a diverse range of interactive workshops, crafting 3D models of volcanoes using clay and plastic bottles, delving into the significance of forests in the ‘Moss Wall’ workshop, creating adorable creatures in the ‘Lil Rock Stars’ workshop, and mastering the art of designing futuristic units and constructing a space station the ‘Astro Station’ workshop.

In the ‘Sustainable Wonders’ workshop, children will discover soil science, learn about insects, and understand ways to conserve food and transform the excess into organic fertilizer. Simultaneously, they will explore plant cultivation using the ancient Japanese ‘Kokedama’ technique and create artificial fish tanks in ‘The Art of Realistic Water’. During ‘Avian Adventures’, they shall learn how to make bird nests using pottery.

People of Determination will have access to a series of quality workshops hosted by the Umm Suqeim and Hatta libraries, assisting them to develop and enhance their creative abilities, exploring the harmony between art and nature in ‘Sciences in Artistic Hues’, discovering techniques and secrets of collage art in the ‘Artistic Buttons’ workshop, and unleashing their imagination for the ‘Moving Rocket’ workshop, inspiring them to present innovations.

The Dubai Public Library Winter Camp at Al Rashidiya Library is also hosting a Second-Hand Book Fair to instil a reading culture in the hearts of future generations.

The exhibition encourages interest in books and recycling, featuring a wide range in Arabic and English suitable for all groups and covering various knowledge genres, including stories, novels, and scientific books. They will be sold at symbolic prices ranging from AED3, 5 and 10.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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