DFWAC hosts workshop on Generalised Anxiety Disorder

DFWAC hosts workshop on Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has organised a workshop titled "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" from 23-26 January 2023, to discuss the latest developments on generalised anxiety disorder and provide information on the most effective therapeutic techniques based on cognitive-behavioural therapy.

The workshop, which aimed to improve participants’ knowledge and abilities about this disorder, brought together 55 participants, including psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists working in healthcare centres, shelters, police departments, social institutions, courts, prosecutors, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Community Development. Additionally, it featured high-profile speakers from Canada, America, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Shaikha Saeed Al Mansouri, Acting Director-General of DFWAC, stressed that the workshop played a significant role in educating participants on generalised anxiety disorder, a condition characterised by excessive tension and anxiety that persists for prolonged periods and is often triggered by daily events related to family and work, as well as fears about the future.

Al Mansouri added that the gathering also discussed the negative effects of anxiety disorder on individuals, families, and communities.

She highlighted that the Foundation, through the workshop, looks forward to achieving a series of goals, including imparting comprehensive knowledge about generalised anxiety disorder, its symptoms, and methods of evaluation.

Additionally, participants were introduced to the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy, and informed about various therapeutic methods and the scientific evidence supporting them for treating generalised anxiety disorder. They also learned skills and techniques used in cognitive behavioural therapy, including practical applications and exercises for treating generalized anxiety disorder.

The four-day event covered eight key topics, including an overview of generalised anxiety disorder, an introduction to cognitive-behavioural therapy, a detailed model of cognitive-behavioural treatment for generalised anxiety disorder, and case studies of patients with generalised anxiety disorder using cognitive perception of the situation. Additionally, participants will learn about the cognitive components of generalised anxiety disorder and how to address them.

The workshop also included discussions on how to apply relaxation techniques to support individuals with generalised anxiety disorder, how to use different exposure methods, including real and imagined exposure, and how to implement strategies for preventing relapse in generalised anxiety disorder.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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