Abaya Mall: Get the Latest Trends in Abaya Designs

Abaya Mall: Get the Latest Trends in Abaya Designs

While taking a tour of all the stores in Dubai to find the perfect abaya sounds like a fun weekend activity when you’re on a time crunch or you want to explore the best the region has to offer in one place, Abaya mall is the place to be to find the best and most stylish abayas in Dubai, and if what you’re looking for isn’t already available, then put on your designer gloves and get to designing your own custom abaya.

What is an Abaya?

If you live in the Middle East, chances are that you’re aware of the traditional Arabic dress and have perhaps tried one yourself. However, if you’re in for a visit or simply curious about the word you’ve been hearing echoing through the female population in Dubai, worry not because here’s your all-you-need-to-know guide about getting abayas, what they are, how to wear them and where to find them.

Abaya (عباية), derived from the Arabic word Aba’a (عباءة), meaning cloak, is often identified as the traditional dress of Muslim women around the globe. Consisting of a loose outer full length and full sleeves dress garment sometimes worn by itself or in conjunction with a hijab (headscarf).

While the Robe is often associated with Islamic and religious practices, it has continued to be a cultural garment associated with the Middle East that allows women in the form of Abayas and men in the form of Thobes to adhere to the rules and regulations regarding modesty in the Middle East.

While the roots of the garment are unknown, historians believe it can be traced back about 4000 years back into history. Today the modern Abaya is not only a garment that signifies connecting back to the roots of Arab culture but also a fashion statement for Arabs and Muslims and Non-Arabs and Non-Muslims alike to explore.

Abaya Mall Details and FAQ’s

Where is the Abaya Mall in Dubai?

The Abaya Mall is located in Dubai in Mirdif on 24 B St. beside Star International School.

What time does the Abaya Mall, Mirdif, open?

The opening hours for the Abaya Mall are the following.

Saturday - Thursday 10 AM - 10 PM

Friday 4 PM - 10 PM

What are the contact details for Abaya Mall, Mirdif?

You can reach out to the Abaya Mall by telephone or email during their working hours.

Contact: +971 4 251 4071

Does the Abaya mall only have Abayas?

No, the Abaya Mall located in Mirdif offers visitors a range of retail options and services including but not limited to shopping for fashion accessories, perfumes, tailoring stores, salons and spas,

Abaya mall

Contrary to what the name may suggest, the Abaya Mall located in Mirdif is home to more than just stylish Abayas. The three-storey mall offers visitors the chance to purchase abayas of many different styles, from elegant, classy, decked up, simple, to even fancy wedding abayas for special occasions. Aside from those, the venue is home to stunning pairs of shoes to go with your abaya to make the perfect outfit. Wether you want something with a bit of jazz or perhaps simplicity is the key to your beauty they have it all. For the cherry on top, the mall also stores a range of perfume options for visitors. Dark and rich musky fragrances to light floral scents.

Stores at Abaya Mall

Zartaar Embroidery and Tailoring

From crystal on stitch to handiwork on silk, the embroidery store has some of the most beautifully intricate handcrafted pieces at the venue.

Some of the styles of embroidery, cloth and speciality you can find at the store include Silk Crepe, Italian Silk, Kashmiri Embroidery, Khus Embroidery, Crystal on print, Palm Print, Silk Jacquard, Handiwork, Yedwi thread with beads, Crystal Makhawer, Cotton and more.  

Contact: 050 940 4163

Location: Ground Floor Shop 39

SHI trendy Beauty Salon

Get your favourite treatments after a long day out at the Abaya Mall or perhaps arrange a visit for them to drop by your place for the ultimate pampering treatment.

Some of the treatments offered by the salon include, Manicures, Pedicure, Classic, 2D and 3D Eyelash Extensions, Nail Extensions, and more.

Contact: 056 112 9844

Location: First floor, Shop F-41

Al Qasaba

Get your hands on some stunning Jalabiyas to jazz up your closet. Their collections include beadwork, print, flowy fabric, floral print work, embroidered lace, and more.

Contact: 052 323 2365

Location: First Floor

Shams City

Thinking of matching with your little ones? Abaya Mall has just the right store for you. Shams city offers matching mommy and child sets of stunning clothes. Floral work, print work, crystal work and more, you’ll keep coming back for more matching sets.

Contact: 052 363 6032

Location: First Floor

NTE Fashion Lady

Want to look and feel like royalty all day long, even when you’re sleeping? This is the right shop for you. Find the most beautiful Jalabiatas Night dresses and Makhawer for all your needs. From flowy dresses to A-line nightwear.

Contact: 050 206 3747

Location: First Floor

Golden Pearl Saloon

Get your beauty treatment with an absolutely stunning minimalist modern floral-inspired saloon.  Get yourself a sleek haircut, some classy nail designs or perhaps a relaxing facial at this location.

Contact: 052 930 0999

Location: First Floor, Store 43


If there’s one thing that's never a bad idea, it's flowers. Drop by this floral destination, a plan lovers heaven and grab your favourite person, or perhaps treat yourself with some stunning flowers.

Expect to find some of the widest range of flowers at this store, from nightingale roses to tulips, acrylic arrangements, beautifully wrapped and arranged gift boxes, money arrangements, baby roses and more.

Contact: 050 780 3538

Location: First Flore, Store 53


Looking for some stunning fragrances to up your look? From Oud to sprays, bottled perfume and more, REX has your needs covered. Drop by for the classiest-looking and sweetest-smelling perfumes.

Contact: 054 700 0669

Other stores at Abaya Mall

From fashion stores to Abaya stores, salons and more, here’s a list of all the stores at Abaya Mall, Dubai.

Fashion Stores at Abaya Mall, Mirdif, Dubai

Beauty Lady Fashion

Contact: 04 236 3811

Rafla Fashions

Contact: 04 288 2269

Al Telal Gents Fashion

Contact: 04 283 9335

Najmat Al Marwa Fashion

Contact: 04 259 1080

Dimani Haute Couture

Contact: 04 255 9400

Lamst Al Dia Fashion

Contact: 04 285 0338

Malik Al Abayat Fashion

Contact: 04 252 4048

Fancy Fashion House

Contact: 050 123 1066

Dar Fooshi Fashion

Contact: 050 506 0131

My Secret Closet Couture

Contact: 04 251 4652

Shadow Fashion & Design

Contact: 04 251 5169

Shaheen Fashion Design

Contact: 04 239 3495

Dar Al Thuraya Fashion

Contact: 050 126 6698

Belle & Chic Collection

Contact: 04 252 4242

Dar Al Fakhama Garments

Contact: 04 256 5554

Shamva Fashion Design

Contact: 04 251 4607

Dar Alreem Fashion

Contact: 04 256 5876

Pink Lady Fashion

Contact: 04 251 4862

Al Warda Perfume Kiosk

Abaya Stores at Abaya Mall, Mirdif, Dubai

Donna Abaya

Contact: 04 256 5556

Elegance Smart Lady

Contact: 04 251 4999

Dar Al Shiokh Abaya

Contact: 04 259 1211

Shamaat Aljlas Abaya

Contact: 04 288 8418

Mcwane Abayas

Contact:  04 259 1034

Padova Abayas

Contact:  04 251 5115

Al Dhibyaniyah Abaya

Contact: 04 288 8660

Itwins Abaya

Contact: 04 251 4215

Fashion Lady Abayas

Contact: 055 935 0186

Malik Al Abayat

Contact: 04 252 4048

Al Asloob Raqi Abaya

Contact:  04 288 8067

Saba Sanabil Abaya

Contact: 04 252 4678

Maraseem for Abaya

Contact:  04 251 4438

Ramsha for Abaya

Contact:  04 285 1305

S & H Abaya

Contact:  04 251 5163

Sheyaka Abaya

Contact: 04 251 4497

Lamaar Trading

Contact: 04 252 4334

Khalid Haifaa Abbayat

Contact: 04 251 4124

Bahja for Abaya

Contact:  04 251 4458

Ghashwati Abaya

Contact: 04 252 4748

Arous Granada Abaya

Contact: 04 251 5361

Dar Alghala Abaya

Contact:  050 505 7739

Remas Abaya & Sheila

Contact: 04 251 4979

Ramosh Al Maha

Contact: 050 280 1019

Dar Al Keswa Abaya

Contact: 050 126 6698

Lacasa De Moda

Contact: 055 277 6674

Dar Al Romance Abaya

Contact: 04 252 4994

Rabsha Abaya & Sheila

Contact:  055 799 7210

Al Bateen Silk Textiles

Contact: 04 251 4521

Nejma Besan Abaya

Contact:  04 252 4164

Miss Ribbon Abaya

Contact:  04 256 5666

Al Hashemi Abaya

Contact: 04 251 5115

Khulood for Abaya

Contact:  055 465 5895

Shamayel for Abaya

Contact: 04 251 4494

Mithail Abaya & Sheila

Contact: 04 251 5066

Bedoon Essm Abaya

Contact: 050 500 2898

Vallet Rose Readymade

Contact: 04 251 4Contact: 045

Dar Al Waad Abaya

Contact: 04 252 4Contact: 046

Dar Al Aroosa Abaya

Contact: 04 255 9405

Golden Chance Abaya

Contact: 04 251 5533

Hanadi Mahboub

Contact: 04 251 4577

Deziree Abaya

Contact: 04 251 4701

Durrah Abaya & Shaila

Contact: 04 251 5544

Ashwaq Al Lail Abayat

Contact: 04 285 4489

Al Mithali Abaya

Contact: 04 264 7797

Al Bateen Silk Textiles

Contact: 04 251 4520

Almizionh Ladies

Contact: 04 251 4400

Qasr Al Nada Abaya

Contact: 050 154 0839

Al Amoor Abayat

Contact: 04 255 9503

Fusion Abaya

Contact: 04 252 4111

Harayer Abaya

052 606 9226

Chic Lady Abaya

Contact: 04 239 3717

Tailoring Stores at Abaya Mall, Mirdif, Dubai

Maali Tailoring

Contact: 04 288 7786

Classic Lady Abaya

Contact: 04 236 3230

Black Style Gowns

Contact: 04 236 2921

Al Rahoomi Tailoring

Contact: 04 236 2921

Najmat Mirdif Tailor

056 660 9095

Abigail Tailoring

Contact: 04 238 6262

Life Style Ladies

Contact: 04 881 7564

Basmat Al Khaleej

Contact:  056 159 1357

Gharanji Ladies Tailor

Contact: 04 251 4004

First Elite Tailoring

Contact: 04 255 9535

La Parisienne Tailor

Contact: 04 284 5488

Famous Lady Tailoring

Contact: 04 236 2233

Arousat Al Bilad Tailor

Contact: 04 251 5141

Harro Gowns Tailoring

Contact: 04 288 8922

Hanadi Mahboub Tailor

Contact: 04 251 4577

New Collections Ladies

Contact: 04 288 5554

Limar Readymade

Contact: 050 846 2569

Sannseel Tailoring

Contact: 04 284 5488

Patchouli Tailoring

Contact: 04 287 6433

Al Azrar Al Zahabia

Contact: 04 251 4400

Spas and Salons at Abaya Mall, Mirdif, Dubai

Morning Glory Spa

Contact: 04 288 1166

Nail Lounge Saloon

Contact: 04 251 4880

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