Dubai Sports Council hosts 17th Dubai International Sports Conference

Dubai Sports Council hosts 17th Dubai International Sports Conference

Dubai Sports Council organises the seventeenth session of the Dubai International Sports Conference.

Dubai International Sports Conference and the "Dubai Globe Soccer" awards

Ramos and Ibrahimovic in the main session, Rui Costa and Unai Emery in the talent discovery session. Mohamed Salah and Benzema lead the honorees in the Dubai Globe Soccer Award, and a special tribute to legend Romario and Wayne Rooney.

The eyes of the world are turning to Dubai, as the Dubai Sports Council is organizing the seventeenth session of the Dubai International Sports Conference, a member of the "Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives", under the slogan "The Road to Championships". The “Dubai Globe Soccer” award, which will be held on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at the headquarters of the Dubai Sports Council and Al Jawhara Hall, Madinat Jumeirah.

The Dubai Sports Council continues to organize the important annual event, which has become an important global platform for the development of football and a meeting place for the most popular game stars in the world, including coaches, players, management, leaders and decision-makers in international federations and clubs.

His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, welcomed the participants who began to arrive in Dubai during the past days, and His Highness said,

"This event, which was launched by the Dubai Sports Council, plays a pivotal and major role in the efforts to develop football in the country, the region and the world. It also plays a pivotal role."

In empowering societies through sports, based on the conference’s membership in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, as the Dubai International Sports Conference confirms every year that it is a global platform to discuss the reality and future of football everywhere, while the distinguished ones are honored at the Dubai Globe Soccer Award ceremony. Achievers in all fields within the football sector and its wide specialties, and among the honorees are the players who left unforgettable marks in the world of football and became role models for millions of players everywhere.

He added,

"The presence and participation of management, playing and training stars in the sessions of the conference, which will be held this year under the slogan (The Road to Championships). It includes a session on attracting talents and another on the way to winning championships.

The football sector in the country to meet their counterparts from the professional clubs with the greatest achievements, enhance the prospects for work among them, and form fruitful partnerships and successful cooperation relations that contribute to achieving the desired development for our clubs seeking to achieve success in the world of successful professionalism. It is also a wide field for developing our national cadres and forming a sports model. A successful patriot in various disciplines in the world of professional football.”

The activities of the conference will start at ten o’clock this morning at the headquarters of the Dubai Sports Council, with a session dedicated to attracting and developing talented people, in which Rui Costa, the star of the Portuguese national team, the former Milan club and the current president of Benfica, will speak with Spanish coach Unai Emery, who won several times the UEFA Cup title. The footballer and former coach of Arsenal, Sevilla, Villarreal, Paris Saint-Germain, and the current coach of Aston Villa, Julian Ward, the sporting director of Liverpool, also participates with them.

The session sheds light on the policy of professional clubs in attracting and developing talented players, in line with the Dubai government's directives to make Dubai an incubator for talent. The session also represents an opportunity for our clubs to benefit from dialogue and form an appropriate model for each club to attract and develop talented people in our stadiums.

A confrontation of a special kind between Ramos and Ibrahimovic
The main session of the conference will be held at 7:20 pm in Al Jawhara Hall in Madinat Jumeirah under the title "The Road to Championships", followed 40 minutes by the Dubai Globe Soccer Award ceremony in the same hall.

The session brings together two of the most powerful distinguished players in European and international stadiums, namely Sergio Ramos, former captain of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid, European and world club champion and current defender of Paris Saint-Germain, and the giant striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the star of the Swedish national team and many major European clubs and the current striker of Milan, which is the first session that brings them together facing each other outside the stadium after they faced each other many times inside the stadium when Ramos was a defender in the ranks of Real Madrid and Ibrahimovic was a striker in the ranks of Barcelona, and the session will be an opportunity to see the most important stations in the journey of each of them and their style of development, growth and formation of the personality of the hero Leading the team to championships.

Every year, the Dubai Sports Council is keen to gather stars for the first time on the dialogue platform, after it gathered during the past editions the captain of the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski, the German striker of Bayern Munich (at the time) and Barcelona currently, and Kylian Mbappé, the star of the French national team and Paris Saint-Germain, as the conference was a race In gathering the most important stars, especially from the attackers, in one session, where Cristiano Ronaldo met with Robert Lewandowski and former goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the 2020 session, as Cristiano Ronaldo met before that with Alessandro Del Piero, the star of Juventus and the Italian national team at the time, and the session of Joao Felix and Lukaku, and many other sessions, and that Within the framework of the Dubai Sports Council’s permanent endeavor to present the stars of playing, training and decision makers from international clubs and international federations during the Dubai Sports Conference and other occasions and events to highlight the most important stations in their successful professional career and reveal their style and experiences in facing challenges and building a successful personality that combines talent and skill And the fighting spirit and capable of achieving achievements for their clubs and their countries, in order to spread and enhance the culture of overcoming challenges and winning the title. Championships among our players.

A large presence of stars at the Dubai Globe and Sugar ceremony

The Dubai Globe Soccer Award ceremony will honor the former stars of the game, led by the Brazilian legend Romario, English astrologer Wayne Rooney, and others. Yesterday, the award issued the short list of competitors for the most important awards, as the candidates for the awards that will be awarded tonight are leading several playing, training, and management stars, and they are:

Player of the Year Award: Karim Benzema, Erling Haaland, and Mohamed Salah.

Player of the Year Award: Linda Caicedo (Colombia Women's National Team), Beth Mead (Arsenal FC and England National Team), Alexia Potellas (FC Barcelona and Spain National Team).

Men's Club of the Year Award: Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid.
- Women's Club of the Year Award: Barcelona, Lyon, and Real Madrid.

Coach of the Year Award: Carlo Ancelotti, Pep Guardiola, and Jose Mourinho.
Best Young Player Award: Javi (Barcelona), Victor Osimhen (Napoli), and Federico Valverde (Real Madrid).

Best Off-Pitch Career Award: Didier Drogba, AC Milan Foundation, and Real Madrid Foundation.

Best Club President of the Year: Khaldoun Al Mubarak (Manchester City), Florentino Perez (Real Madrid) and Paolo Scaroni (AC Milan).

Sporting Director of the Year: Michael Edwards and Julian Ward (Liverpool), Cristiano Giuntoli (Napoli), Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara (AC Milan).

Talent Scout of the Year: Johnny Calafat, Barry Hunter, and Jeffrey Moncada.
Best Agent of the Year: Leon Angel, Frank Trimboli, Jorge Mendes, and Rafaela Pimenta.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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