Unlock Radiant Skin at Dubai’s Best Skin Clinics

Unlock Radiant Skin at Dubai’s Best Skin Clinics

Dubai, known for its opulent lifestyle and cutting-edge technology, has emerged as a destination for beauty and wellness services. Spas, wellness facilities, and beauty salons abound around the city. Whether you want to get rid of wrinkles, acne scars, or any other skin-related issue, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional. Fortunately, there are numerous skin clinics in Dubai that can assist you in removing blemishes, fighting wrinkles, and enhancing your skin. Choosing the best skin clinic for your unique needs can be challenging given the city's abundance of skin clinics.

Here is a list of some of the best clinics in Dubai that provide skin treatments from simple consultations to complex surgical procedures.

1. The Elixir Clinic

Elixir Clinic is a globally renowned wellness and aesthetics institution that combines holistic therapies with cutting-edge medical treatments. Elixir specializes in intravenous vitamin drip therapies that soothe and revitalize your mind and body. While the clinic is not only dedicated to skincare, but its highly qualified staff of specialists is also trained in anti-aging treatments, skin rejuvenation therapies, laser treatments, body sculpting, and regenerative procedures to promote general well-being. The emphasis on the blending of ancient and modern procedures makes Elixir Clinic a popular choice among those looking for comprehensive skincare treatments.

Location: Villa 583 – Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai

Timings: Saturday – Wednesday: 09:00 am – 09:00 pm | Thursday: 09:00 am – 07:00 pm |Friday: 11:00 am – 07:00 pm

2. Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic is a well-known name in the skincare industry, with numerous branches across Dubai. Their team of dermatologists and therapists are experts in a variety of treatments, including anti-aging, acne treatments, dark circles and pigmentation, and hair removal. It also provides lip augmentation, laser hair removal, and wart removal procedures in Dubai. Men can also visit Kaya for aesthetic and dermatological procedures and surgery. Kaya Skin Clinic provides specialized care and exceptional results through a customer-centric approach and innovative technologies.

Location: Level 2 Unit No 21/22 (Dome Café Entrance) BurJuman

Timings: 11:00 am – 08:00 pm, Thurs & Sat: 10:00 am – 09:00 pm, Fri: closed

3. Premium Cosmetic Laser Center

Premium Cosmetic Laser Center is a well-known skin clinic in Dubai. It is renowned for cutting-edge cosmetic and laser treatments. Their team of skilled dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons perform a variety of operations such as laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, and body contouring. When you need procedures like a liquid facelift, lip augmentation, pigmentation, laser skin resurfacing, or tattoo removal in Dubai, you can turn to them for help. With an emphasis on utilizing cutting-edge technology and adhering to global safety standards, Premium Cosmetic Laser Center ensures exceptional outcomes and patient happiness.

Location: Al Shafar 7 Building, Jumeirah, Al Wasl Rd

Timings: 09:00 am – 07:00 pm

4. ZO Skin Centre

Dr. Zein Obagi's ZO Skin Centre offers superior skincare solutions using new techniques and pharmaceutical-grade materials. It is one of the best aesthetic clinics in Dubai, providing cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical procedures in a relaxing, beautiful setting. The clinic's experienced team provides a variety of therapies, including chemical peels, laser treatments, facials, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), tummy tuck, liposuction, carboxytherapy (cellulite treatment), and other tailored skincare regimens. ZO Skin Centre is driven by a philosophy of long-term skin health and focuses on attaining long-term results.

Location: Villa # 585,Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 3 | Mirdif 35, Khan Sahab, 2nd Floor

Timings: Jumeirah: 09:00 am – 09:00 pm | Mirdif: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, Thurs-Sat: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

5. Biolite Aesthetic Clinic

Biolite Aesthetic Center is an award-winning clinic in Dubai that offers cosmetic treatments mixed with medical technologies and a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. Since its inception in 2007, it has provided a variety of aesthetic treatments to both men and women in the city. The center provides a wide range of therapies, including laser treatments, lip augmentation, body sculpting, hair restoration, skin rejuvenation, sclerotherapy (blood vessel shrinking), and facelifts. Biolite Aesthetic Center aspires to provide individualized treatment and innovative solutions to varied skin conditions through a team of highly qualified doctors and therapists.

Location: Villa 57, Al Thanya Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai

Timings: 09:30 am – 09:00 pm

6. Dermapremier Skin Clinic

Derma Clinic Dubai was founded by one of the best dermatologists in Dubai, Dr Belkais Marwan, and is dedicated to giving remarkable outcomes through personalized treatments. Dermapremier provides face treatments, chemical peels, mesotherapy, LED therapy, microdermabrasion (crustal peeling), and anti-aging therapies. It also treats skin issues such as pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, fungal infection, warts, and vitiligo.  The clinic's dedication to employing high-quality goods, as well as their experience and attention to detail, has gained them a devoted following.

Location: Sunset Mall

Timings: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm, Mon: 01:00 pm – 08:00 pm, Fri: closed

7. Zain Clinic

Zain Clinic is a well-known skin clinic that provides a one-stop solution for the best skincare treatment in Dubai. It is renowned for providing a wide range of dermatological services. Using advanced skincare knowledge, the experts at this clinic provide a variety of cosmetic operations using cutting-edge laser technology. It provides CO2 laser treatments, carbon laser peels, hair removal, skin tightening, and hair removal. Aside from that, it offers HIFU, which is a high intensity focused ultrasound that may be used to remove wrinkles and revitalize the skin. Zain Clinic is supervised by a team of skilled dermatologists and provides personalized treatment plans adapted to the specific needs of each patient. Zain Clinic seeks to deliver effective treatments and inspire patients to obtain better skin through patient education and a patient-centric approach.

Location: 29th Floor, Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

Timings: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm, Fri: closed

In addition to these, there are several skincare centers in Dubai offering a variety of treatments.

· Dubai ConfiDent
· Silkor
· Dermacare Skin Centre
· CosmeSurge
· Euromed Clinic Centre

Aside from skin clinics, there are numerous medical facilities in Dubai that provide dental services. If you have a toothache or need a scaling treatment, go to one of these dental clinics in Dubai.

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