EHS elevates patient journey with Patient Experience Management solution

EHS elevates patient journey with Patient Experience Management solution

Emirates Health Services (EHS), the largest health organisation in the UAE, in cooperation with Emitac Healthcare Solutions, has implemented SEDCO’s patient experience management solution in 126 centres and over 700 healthcare departments across the country.

These centres include primary healthcare centres, specialised healthcare centres, preventive medicine centres, happiness centres, blood donation centres, and hospitals.

The advanced patient experience management solution by SEDCO streamlines the patient journey at every point, from pre-arrival to post-service, while automatically routing patients across the different centres and healthcare departments to ensure smooth operations, reduce waiting times, and provide a stress-free patient experience. The features of the solution include mobile appointment booking and check-in, SMS notifications, instant e-ticket issuance, queue management, digital signage system, and central management and business intelligence system.

An added benefit of the solution is to provide the healthcare authority with real-time data to plan and use their resources more efficiently by delivering insights into the day-to-day operations, identify areas of improvement, provide analysis of historical data, manage staff distribution, promote better communication within each department, and overall provide a blueprint of a patient’s journey throughout the entire healthcare facility.

According to the latest study published by Insight Partners, the global patient flow management solutions market size is driven by the rising adoption of a patient-centric approach by healthcare providers, rising numbers of start-ups, and shortages of medical staff. The industry is forecast to reach US$3.62 billion by 2028, from US$0.88 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.3 percent during the period.

Amal Karmostaje, Director of Technical Support Department at EHS, stated,

"We are committed to implementing the latest innovations, in accordance with the best international standards, to deliver an exceptional healthcare experience. SEDCO’s patient experience management system applies the smart journey concept; it automatically routes patients within the different departments of our centres and facilities, giving them the experience they deserve while giving us full control over our operations."

EHS patients can provide feedback about the service quality through SMS messages, together with the "Customer Pulse System", empowering Emirates Health Services to measure and evaluate the patient feedback in order to enhance its healthcare services and increase patient satisfaction.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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