Emirati families market their products in 'Al Sanaa 12' pavilion at Global Village

Emirati families market their products in 'Al Sanaa 12' pavilion at Global Village

The Ministry of Community Development announced the launch of "Al Sanaa 12" Pavilion for Emirati productive families during the Global Village 2020/2021 season.

For the 12th consecutive year, "Al Sanaa 12" pavilion in collaboration with the administration of the Global Village and supervision of the Ministry continues to support, develop and invest in the development of home and micro-projects for small families, in order to achieve economic and social profits as part of empowering the Emirati family and ensuring its stability and cohesion.

The opening of the pavilion coincides with the launch of the new season of the Global Village in Dubai which will open its doors to the public and visitors from 25th October to 18th April 2021, taking into account the commitment to precautionary measures in the global village and in the pavilion including regular screening of the staff in the pavilion to ensure their safety and maintain public health.

Afra Buhumaid, Director of Productive Families at the Ministry of Community Development, confirmed that "Al Sanaa 12" pavilion in the global village this year includes (53) outlets for (88) Emirati productive families of which (40) new productive families are from the youth category; nearly 45% of the total families include senior Emiratis.

The pavilion also contains (4) productive projects for social security beneficiaries in the ministry and (3) projects for people of determination. The outlets offer a variety of products such as: garments and accessories, perfumes, body care products, handicraft and heritage products, printing and art projects, furniture and furnishings.

Buhumaid revealed the details of the new front outlet this year at the pavilion, which attracts more than (35) Emirati artists to showcase their talents and artistic achievements, all of which are young people. One artists or more will be invited each week to display his new arts to the audience and visitors of "Al Sanaa 12" pavilion.

She also elaborated that all productive Emirati families joining "Al Sanaa" initiative in the Ministry of Community Development manage various commercial and professional projects called micro-projects; and support the ministry's efforts in promoting Emirati productive families of all categories; while giving them the opportunities to participate in "Al Sanaa 12" pavilion in the global village, is an exceptional opportunity to stimulate their competition in a global shopping environment, enhance their incomes, develop the family products, and encourage the best talent sought in order to achieve innovative ideas and projects rather than the traditional ones.

"Al Sanaa 12" is one of the ministry's sustainable projects aimed at raising the economic level of Emirati productive families, diversifying their sources of income, investing their people's energies, developing their abilities and skills to be owners of leading projects with innovative and developed visions, which contribute to the family economy in particular and the national economy in general.

The Emirati productive families department at the Ministry of Community Development is responsible for the comprehensive supervision of "Al Sanaa 12" pavilion at of the Global Village.

News Source: http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302880658

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