Hundreds of Job Openings Announced by Flydubai in UAE: Here are some of the top positions

Hundreds of Job Openings Announced by Flydubai in UAE: Here are some of the top positions

A total of 1,120 new employees will join the workforce this year, the spokesperson of the airline revealed.

As part of its expansion, Dubai-based airline flydubai, has announced plans to hire over 1,000 employees this year. The airline, which operates flights to more than 110 destinations across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, will strengthen its workforce across various departments.

A total of 1,120 new employees will join the workforce this year, revealed the spokesperson of flydubai.

The UAE-based low-cost carrier has included 320 employees since the beginning of this year and more than 800 new employees for various positions across the business by end the end of 2023. This will include pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and office-based employees.

What's more, attractive salary packages are being offered.

Here are some of the top positions, including the qualifications and estimated monthly pay:

Cabin Crew

Flydubai is actively hiring cabin crew members to provide exceptional service to its passengers. Candidates with excellent communication skills, a friendly demeanor, and a passion for customer service can apply for this position.

According to the airline's website, the requirement for this role includes:

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Minimum height of 5 feet 2 inches
  • Must be physically fit
  • Must have completed high school education
  • Must be fluent in English

Salary: Dh7,380 (basic pay + housing allowance + transportation allowance). This also comes with variable flying pay worth Dh3,800 (monthly average)


Operating flydubai's modern fleet of aircraft, pilots ensure the safe and efficient transport of passengers to their destinations. Qualified candidates with the necessary flight hours, licenses, and certifications are invited to apply.

The minimum non-type-rated requirements and type-rated requirements include:

  • At least 2,500 hours total flying time, 1,000 hours on modern (EFIS), multi-crew, multi-engine aircraft over 10 tonnes operating weight, and 500 hours on B737-300 to 900 (NG/EFIS) type aircraft

Salary: Dh31,900 (basic salary + housing allowance + transportation allowance), with variable flying pay of Dh11,410 (monthly average).


The airline seeks individuals with expertise in aircraft maintenance, avionics, and various engineering disciplines. Successful applicants will play a crucial role in ensuring the airworthiness and operational efficiency of flydubai's growing fleet of aircraft.

Pay and benefits: Basic salary with housing allowance, transportation allowance, and engineering allowance

Catering team

Job-seekers with experience in food preparation, logistics, and culinary management are invited to consider joining the carrier's catering services team. This position will involve coordinating and overseeing the inflight catering operations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality meals and services to passengers.

How to apply

Interested candidates should visit flydubai's official website and check the ‘Careers’ section. There, they can explore the available job listings and submit their applications online.

Each position may have specific requirements and qualifications, so applicants are advised to review the job descriptions carefully before applying.

“This will lead to an increase in the airline's workforce by 24 per cent compared to last year. As many as 136 nationalities are employed at the airline, with a total workforce of 4,918 (the number of employees by the end of 2020 was 3,922) forecast to reach 5,774 by the end of this year. Female colleagues make up 36 per cent of the flydubai workforce,”

said the spokesperson of the airline in a statement.

“Depending on the vacant positions, interviews are conducted in the UAE, online or in person on recruitment days outside the UAE,”

added the spokesperson.

The airline recorded an exceptional first quarter carrying more than 3.37 million passengers between January 1 and March 31, 2023, an increase of 50 percent compared to the same period in 2022. The carrier plans to ramp up operations for the busy summer travel period between July 1 and September 30, increasing its capacity by 20 percent across the network.

The airline's expansion plans come as the aviation industry continues to recover from the impact of the Covid pandemic. Flydubai has already resumed flights to several destinations and is gradually adding more routes to its network.

Since the start of 2023, the airline has further expanded its network to St Petersburg in Russia, Pattaya and Krabi in Thailand, Al Qaisumah, Al Ula, Gizan, Nejran, and Neom in Saudi Arabia, Shymkent in Kazakhstan, Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, Mogadishu in Somalia and Milan-Bergamo in Italy.

“To support the airline's growth, 1,300 employees joined flydubai in 2022. Out the which 80 percent of whom are cabin crew, engineers, or pilots,”

said the spokesperson in a statement.

The airline's spokesperson added that this was the biggest recruitment drive that has ever been undertaken by the airline in any single year.

“This was achieved through meticulous planning and was aided by the desire of top talent to relocate to Dubai and the UAE as well as their confidence in the carrier,”

said the spokesperson.

In 2023, flydubai has grown its fleet to 78 aircraft serving a growing network of 120 destinations. Fifteen more aircraft are expected to join the growing fleet by the end of the year.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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