Jumeirah Mosque – Guide to tourist Mosque in Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque – Guide to tourist Mosque in Dubai

You can visit any part of Dubai and you will end up finding a mosque or two on every turn and corner. Mosques are a place of worship for Muslims, but often times they’re also spectacular works of architecture. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the mosque that comes to mind when you think of famous mosques in UAE. But it is the Jumeirah Mosque that is the most famous in the city. It is one of the top cultural and historical places in Dubai. And is one of the few mosques in the city that allow non-Muslim visitors, making it popular among residents and tourists who want to experience the culture of Dubai.

If you want to grasp an insight into the Islamic culture of Dubai, then you must visit The Jumeirah Mosque during your stay in this glamorous city. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to about this tourist mosque in Dubai.

About Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is one of Dubai's many iconic landmarks, and it is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in the UAE. Built in 1976 by the ruler at the time, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. The mosque is a stunning example of Islamic architecture, built on the same principles as Cairo's Al Azhar Mosque, which is eight times its size. It can hold up to 1,200 worshippers. The intricate architecture and design of the mosque shine even brighter when illuminated in the evening.

The architecture of the Jumeirah Mosque is notable for several reasons. It is entirely made of pure white stone, in the traditional Fatimid style of Egypt and Syria. The large central dome of the mosque is surrounded by four smaller domes, each with intricate stone carvings. Due to the two minarets that frame the central dome, the mosque is also known as the "two minaret mosques." The picturesque space is decorated in soothing tones of apricot, cream, and duck-egg blue on the inside, with brass lanterns illuminating the central prayer hall and surrounding nooks. The Jumeirah Mosque is renowned for being one of Dubai's most photographed mosques for its exquisite architectural design.

The Jumeirah Mosque's grounds include the mosque itself, as well as an indoor majlis, lush landscaping, and walkways that are shaded. As soon as you enter the main prayer hall, the elegant arches, columns, plush green carpet, and stained-glass windows will enchant you. Holy Quranic verses are engraved on the peach and blue ceilings. There are chandeliers, intricate designs, beautiful calligraphy, and geometric motifs all over the place.

One of the most interesting fact about the Jumeirah Mosque is that this landmark features on the AED 500 note!

The Jumeirah Mosque Guided Tour – What to expect

The Jumeirah Mosque is known for its beautiful architecture as well as being one of the few mosques in the UAE that welcomes non-Muslim visitors. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding conducts these tours under the motto "Open Doors, Open Minds." The Jumeirah Mosque tour is a fantastic place to start if you've ever been interested in learning more about the Islamic faith and local culture.

The tour of the Jumeirah Mosque begins at the majlis, the traditional sitting area in an Emirati home, where visitors must register 30 minutes before the tour. You can enjoy Emirati refreshments here, such as Arabic coffee and tea. The tour guide will then lead visitors to the ablution area to explain and demonstrate wudu, a cleaning ritual performed before praying. Visitors can then proceed inside the main prayer hall, where they can learn more about the local culture and faith and ask questions.

The 75-minute tour costs AED 25 and includes water, dates, Arabic coffee, tea, and Emirati pastries. Outside of these regular tours, private visits to the mosque can be arranged through the SMCCU.

Timings and Entrance Fee

The guided tour takes from daily from 10:00 am except on Friday. Otherwise, the mosque visiting hours are from 10:00 am – 08:00 pm. The mosque has no entrance fee, but the guided tour costs AED 25 per person. There is no need to make a reservation, but visitors must arrive at the mosque 30 minutes before the tour begins.

Location and how to reach Jumeirah Mosque

The mosque is located in the upscale neighborhood of Jumeirah 1, along the Jumeirah Beach Road. It is easily accessible by various means of transportation which is what makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations.

The mosque is only 20 minutes by car from Dubai International Airport. Taxis and Uber are both widely available and reasonably priced modes of transportation in Dubai. If you are driving, stay on "Jumeirah Beach Road" until you reach the mosque. There is plenty of parking available near the mosque.

The Mosque is also easily accessible by public bus. You can take the E201 bus from Burjuman Metro Station and get down at the “Jumeirah Mosque” stop. Otherwise, you can also take the starting bus from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and get off at the ‘Jumeirah Mosque’ stop. Once you exit the bus, you will see the mosque just a few steps away. Buses 8, 9 and X28 also stop near the mosque.

To reach the mosque through metro, you need to first take the red line to Union Metro Station and change to the green line towards Al Jadaf Metro Station. Get down at BurJuman Metro Station and follow the signs to Jumeirah Beach Road until you reach the mosque. You can also directly take the green line from Al Jadaf station to the BurJuman station.

Best time to visit the Jumeirah Mosque

Even though the guided tours usually take place during the day, the best time to visit Jumeirah Mosque is around sunset, when the setting sun illuminates the mosque. It is a beautiful sight to see and photograph!

Things to know before visiting

• Wear modest clothing when visiting the mosque. According to the mosque’s dress code women should cover their hair and keep their shoulders covered whereas men should cover full length clothing covering from below their knees. You can also borrow the traditional attire from the mosque itself.
• Plan your visit properly. Make sure you are awake of the prayer times in Dubai as visitors are not permitted inside the mosque during prayer times. Aim to reach at least 30 minutes early than the tour time.
• Remove your footwear before entering the Mosque.
• Do not touch or damage any material displayed in the mosque.
• Since a mosque is a place of worship don’t litter, be respectful and behave modestly.

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