5 attractions to look out for at the new season of Dubai Garden Glow

5 attractions to look out for at the new season of Dubai Garden Glow

The new season of Dubai Garden Glow is all set to wow its visitors with new concepts and attractions have been put together. The ‘world’s largest eye-catching theme park’ promises a bigger, better and brighter showcase.

Here are five glowing attractions you shouldn’t miss:

Glow Park

This neon wonderland takes you from an information era to an entertainment age. The whole garden has been constituted manually and fabricated with handmade lights. Unique eco-friendly models were constructed to deliver ‘ultimate encounters’ that kids will surely enjoy.

Glowing Safari

Imagine going on a safari trek with incandescent animals all around; a colourful flower valley with moving blossoms; a glittering butterfly trail...the list goes on. This is the kind of adventure you’ll find at the garden. It’s best to don the hat of an adventurer, and be bewitched by the impact of 10 million energy-saving bulbs.

‘Back to Nature’ Art Park

Explore this sanctuary filled with wildlife installations that are not only captivating but also eco-friendly. The glowing artworks here are made of used materials, such as bottles and CDs.

Dinosaurs Park

A top draw for curious children and adults alike, this park takes you back to a ‘land before time’ — from the dawn of dinosaurs through the three periods, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous, to the end. It showcases more than 100 prehistoric creatures that move and roar. It also features several educations stops (including a Dino museum).

Magic Park

Get ready to be mesmerised by optical illusions. This magical world will definitely surprise visitors and inspire everyone’s imaginations, with photo-worthy content across different categories.

News Source: Khaleej Times

Image: @mydubai

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