MFNCA issues guide to nurture culture of political participation

MFNCA issues guide to nurture culture of political participation

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) has issued a guide titled ‘Building Parliamentary Skills in the UAE Community’ as part of its ongoing efforts to raise political awareness.

MFNCA, through issuing the guide, also aims to promote a culture of political participation, and shed light on the Federal National Council (FNC) elections and related procedures.

The manual includes five main chapters, each covering various topics, namely, the Political Empowerment Programme; the Federal National Council; Federal National Council elections; developing voters’ skills; and developing candidates’ skills.

In the Political Empowerment chapter, the guide aims to define the general concept of empowerment as ensuring each individual has the ability and skills to be an active player in efforts to bring about change in the political, economic, or social aspects of their community.

Meanwhile, in the chapter on the Federal National Council, the guide highlights the purpose of FNC membership, where Council members – whether appointed or elected – represent all citizens of the UAE, not only the emirate where each member was elected. The manual also sheds light on how the Council is formed and the conditions and term for membership.

In the chapter on the Federal National Council elections, the guide explains the UAE’s electoral experience, which began in 2006 with the election of half of FNC members.

The fourth chapter – developing voters’ skills – discusses the concept of a voter (member of the electoral college), which is defined as every citizen whose name is included in the list of electoral college members in their respective emirate.

The chapter highlights the critical role voters play as the most important element in the electoral process, whose votes are the only way to select the most suited candidates for membership of the FNC.

Finally, the last chapter – which focuses on developing candidates’ skills – outlines all the stages of the candidacy process for FNC membership, and how candidates can demonstrate their commitment to their campaign and their capability of taking responsibility.

The chapter also underlines the conditions that candidates must meet, the candidacy procedures, how to manage the electoral campaign and how to develop an electoral programme.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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