MoHAP boosts efforts to improve results of national indicators on prevalence of obesity

MoHAP boosts efforts to improve results of national indicators on prevalence of obesity

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) takes great interest in raising awareness of obesity through a raft of effective initiatives and programs to reduce the prevalence of obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.

World Obesity Day, observed on 4th March, is an important opportunity to highlight the ministry's significant milestones in this regard to improve the results of the national indicator on the prevalence of obesity.

This is in keeping with the ministry's strategy to provide comprehensive and integrated health care in innovative and sustainable ways to prevent disease and support the objectives of the National Strategy for Wellbeing.

The prevalence of obesity among adults in the UAE is 27.8%, according to the National Health Survey 2017-2018. The prevalence of obesity among children and adolescents aged 5-17 years reached 17.35%, according to the latest statistics on the periodic examination of school students.

The ministry, in cooperation with local health authorities, strives to implement a national action plan according to time frames and performance indicators. The goal is to promote an appropriate healthy environment and encourage individuals and families to embrace a healthy lifestyle to deal with the challenge of obesity, thus realizing the goals of the national initiative "Promoting awareness of healthy lifestyles."

The ministry has launched several media awareness campaigns, such as the 'Together We Move" campaign to promote physical activity among women aged 18-44 years. These campaigns also included raising awareness of the importance of healthy food and the harmful effects of sweetened drinks on health. The campaigns were in line with the government resolution to impose a selective tax of 50% on sweetened drinks and 100% on energy drinks.

The Ministry is also keen to reach all segments of society through social media. The official account of the 'Ma'kom' campaign spreads awareness among the public and encourages them to maintain their health, through health tips on healthy food and physical activity.

The ministry has also launched the "Healthy and Positive Workplace" initiative for its employees to create a supportive environment encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyles.

World Obesity Federation noted that the consequences of obesity could cause a spending of $1.2 trillion annually from 2025. Obesity and smoking are the major causes of the rise in the number of people with cancer, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes worldwide.

A report issued by the World Health Organisation predicts that 2.7 billion adults worldwide will be overweight and obese by 2025.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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