Palm West Beach in Dubai - Travel Tips and Things to Do

Palm West Beach in Dubai - Travel Tips and Things to Do

Palm West Beach in Dubai: This Beach is known for relaxing, dining and entertainment. Know More about things to do and see at Palm West Beach.

Palm West Beach is a new hotspot on Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.

This new Beach is a picturesque hotspot in Dubai. Aside from swimming during good winter weather or lying down and relaxing under the sun. There are many exciting activities to enjoy in Dubai Palm West Beach.

Morning Walk

If you are a morning person, come by the Beach as it opens its doors at 8:00 am. You can enjoy an energetic morning run on the 1.6-kilometre-long Beach.

The cool thing about Palm West Beach is that it is pet-friendly, so you can take your adorable furry friend and walk on the smooth sand imported straight from the Maldives.

Enjoy the scenery that includes 300 palm trees and well-lit surroundings that offer an aesthetic ambience after sunset.

If you are looking for the scenery you have never experienced, check out the breathtaking view of Palm Jumeirah Island from the top of Dubai Skyline.


Try ordering a dish of lobster or fresh steak at Australian cuisine. The fantastic thing about Palm West Beach is the close reach of different continental food. Prepared with so much care, just to be enjoyed by famished customers right next to the serene waves of Palm West Beach.

You can also park your boat on the dock and sit down to order a finger-licking meal. Here are some high-end restaurants you can dine in at West Palm Beach Jumeirah.

Senor Pico

Senor Pico has a long history that began in 1964 in San Francisco. Years later, fast forward to these recent years, Senor Pico's new branch opened at Palm West Beach.

This lovely restaurant offers its vibrant Latin American aura through its cuisine, which consists mainly of a blend of authentic Mexican food and Mexican- American flavours.

If you need a refreshing beverage on a hot day, order one of their unique margarita recipes, or try one of their mocktails like a classic creamy  Horchata.

  • Timings: 12:00 to midnight
  • Telephone: (04) 471 5748

Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer, is an up-scale Australian restaurant that opened its first pair of doors in 1996. This restaurant/grocery store is unconventional in all the ways you can imagine. To begin with, Jones, the Grocer gives an artistic element to Gourmet food. By including a walk-in cheese room, communal dining tables and a show kitchen. This restaurant will make you feel like you have to relearn the concepts of diners from the beginning. Jones and Grocer's menu blends English, Australian and Arabian-style dishes. On the menu, you can find a classic English breakfast that consists of beans, eggs, tomatoes, bacon and sausages or a lighter alternative. You can order a breakfast of toast with avocado and butter. There is also a vegetarian side menu.

There are slightly above 20 Jones the Grocer restaurants around the world.

  • Timings: 07:30 am to 12:00 am
  • Telephone: (04) 568 2512

Lucky Fish

Lucky Fish is a Mediterranean restaurant in Palm West Beach on Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant focuses on seafood and meat-based Mediterranean dishes from Spanish, French and Italian cuisine.

To maintain the freshness of their dishes, they focus on the seasonal and local types of Fish. This is achieved by collaborating with local fishermen to offer achievable perfection.

The interior of the Lucky restaurant fish reflects the relaxed Mediterranean style, focusing on lighter colours that reflect the carefree ambience of the Beach. This is mixed with 19th Century French chandeliers that give a romantic twist to the tropical interior design.

  • Timings: 10:00 am to midnight
  • Telephone: (04) 564 5525

Orange Chameleon

orange Chameleon is a West Palm Beach restaurant that allows you to dine facing the silver sky scrapes on the other end of the Beach. On cooler hours of the day, you can take a seat on the outdoor terrace and enjoy the DJ's music. The cuisine varies from Seafood to Barbecue, alongside a Bar Pub.

  • Timings: 10:00 am to midnight
  • Telephone: (058) 505 0202

Water Sports

The great thing about West Palm Beach is the extensive water sports available to the visitor. Whether you are a thrilling water sports fan or a beginner willing to try new outdoor activities. The options vary and are perfectly suitable for most visitors to try out and enjoy.

One of which is Kayaking. Kayaking is a fun activity that involves sitting inside a small water vessel and manoeuvring a double-handed paddle. Gradually you alternate side-to-side paddling strokes. Kayaking is an immersive experience in the mellow waters of West Palm Beach Jumeirah. Occasionally you can stop paddling and gaze at the beauty of the sea waters meeting the skyline.

Stand-up paddle boarding

As the name suggests, you stand on a board and use a paddle to move through the water. This sport requires some balance by kneeling on the paddle while you rely on your arm movements to control your direction of travel on the seas. Stand-up paddle boarding can work as a healthy mechanism for stress relief. You can come by Palm Beach Dubai and let go of the stress of daily life by paddling on the salty seawater.

Pedal Boats

A Pedal boat is a recreational water vehicle and a fun group water activity. It requires four people to pedal their feet on the ship as it starts moving forward. This is a fun sport that requires team activity and focuses.

Sailing with a Catamaran

A Catamaran, which sounds like a superhero character, is a sailboat. You can sail your Catamaran at Palm Beach Jumeirah. However, it would be best if you had some training and practice in sailing a Catamaran. If you get tired, you can safely part it by the dock and enjoy land-based activities.

Electric hydrofoil

Although there aren't usually solid waves for surfer enthusiasts to hit the water, you can try Electric Hydrofoil Surfing instead. This sport consists of having a surfboard equipped with a foiling structure. This hybrid of a surfboard allows the rider to glide smoothly above the water while taking quick sharp turns to change their direction of movement when desired. This is a high-level water sport. At first, the challenge might be to stay still on the board without plunging into the waters. Having some level of practice with a regular surfboard can help. Either way, do not hesitate to try it at Palm Beach Jumeirah.

Ride an E-bike

If you want to cross the 1.6 Kilometer pathway along the Beach but with speed. Then rent an E-bike. E-bikes are electric bikes that allow you to cycle around with ease.

The way to rent one is by downloading the FENIX application on your phone and scanning the QR code on the bike. It is simple and easy. As for the cost, E-bike is very affordable, starting worth AED 1 per minute.

Beach Market

The Beach Market is open throughout all the days of the week. The opening hours are from 12 noon to 9:00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Beach Market is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel

This fancy hotel brings a British thematic charm mixed with an urban city's luxury. The highlight of this hotel is the Beach taking the panoramic view that extends beyond the Beach.

This hotel highlights luxury in every service provided. Featuring around 279 rooms and suites and 285 apartments.

Marriot Resort Palm Jumeirah

The nice thing about Marriot Resort Palm Jumeirah is how it can accommodate different types of visitors. You can come by on a quick business trip or simply for tourism. Either way, you will be satisfied.

The Marriot Resort Palm Jumeirah comes with good wifi service, deluxe bedding, private bedding and 24 hours service. Take a relaxing day at the Saray Spa, or enjoy swimming in the resort's beachside pool.

Regarding culinary, ten restaurants, including cuisine from Japan, Italy, Mexico, Korea and more. It is nearly impossible not to find what you are craving in one of the resort's restaurants.


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