Top 10 Beaches to Explore in Dubai on Your Next Vacation

Top 10 Beaches to Explore in Dubai on Your Next Vacation

While La Mer and Al Seef may have some of the snazziest photo ops’s in town and are the most well-known Insta spots for most of us, Dubai has plenty of other beaches that serve as the perfect backdrop for your next Insta post and may even leave your followers wondering if you’ve travelled out of town and are just the perfect hotspots if you're new in town or visiting.

Al Soufouh beach

Some things are too good to be kept secret, and so is this beach. Known as the ‘Secret Beach’ of Dubai, you won't find this beach unless you go looking for it. The perfect hideout for a relaxing evening.

Located at the crossroads between Palm Jumeirah and the Burj al Arab hotel, the beach is a sweet spot in close proximity to some of Dubai’s famous landmarks.

While it has gained popularity in the recent years, you won't mind the extra company at the spot with the shallow waters perfect for a quick dip into the water and the chance to prop open your trunk and chill with your family and friends while your car speakers ring with your favourite tunes. The beach is also known as Black Palace beach, as it is close to the Royal Palaces in Al Soufouh

  • Can you access the beach by metro?

You can get to the beach by taking the metro to the Dubai Internet City Metro Station or the Mashreq Metro Station. The beach is a 10 mins ride away from the metro stations. You can hitch a cab from the metro station or call a Careem.

  • Can you have a barbecue or camp overnight at the Beach?

While it may seem like a tempting spot to spend a night gazing at the stars, camping overnight is not permitted at any open beaches such as Al Sufouh Beach. Additionally, Barbecues or bonfires are not permitted at any public beaches in Dubai, including Al Sufouh Beach. These regulations are set in place by the relevant authorities to ensure a safe experience for al visitors. Any violations could reflect in a fine for the individual.

  • Is parking available?

While there are no designated parking spots at the beach, you may park safely on the open shores.

  • Other amenities at the beach

> Remember to pack yourself some treats as the open beach does not have any eateries.

> While the beach has a lifeguard, there are no changing rooms or washrooms available.

Location: Al Sufouh, Dubai
Contact: +91 4 800 900

For more information, check out Visit Dubai.

Al Suqeim Beach

Also known as the ‘Sunset Beach,’ as the name suggests, the beach is a relaxing spot to enjoy the sunset hues when you’re feeling worn out. While beaches are often known for their warm shores and refreshing waters, at this beach, you can do more than just that. Some of the fun activities you can indulge in at the beach include reading, napping (we know you want to), surfing, fishing, jogging, going on a much-needed morning run or flying a kite and of course, playing tag against the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf.

Featuring a library station of its own, you can donate and borrow books at the Umm Suqeim beach. The beach is also famously known for soft stretches of warm sand, which allow you to take the best morning strolls and evening jogs.

  • Can you access the beach by metro?

The closest metro station to the Sunset beach is the Mall of the Emirates Metro station. You can also stop at the Umm Al Sheif/Equiti metro station.

  • Facilities at the Umm Suqeim Beach

> You can find some food stalls at Sunset Beach for quick bites to keep you satiated.

> The beach provides you with free Wi-Fi.

> Locker rooms, showers, and toilets are available for the visitors.

> The beach has a playground for kids.

> Lifeguards are available at the beach.

  • Can you swim at Sunset Beach at night?

While swimming past evening is not permitted on many beaches around the Emirate, the Al Suqeim beach is your go-to spot if you want a refreshing night swim. The beach has light installations that enable visitors to swim up to 30 metres into the waters. Visitors are allowed to swim in the waters till 12 AM, midnight, after which the power poles will be turned off, and they will no longer have access.

Location: Al Sagi Street, Umm Suqeim, Dubai
Contact: +91 4 800 900

For more information, check out Visit Dubai.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

A family beach, a friend's beach, and your go-to spot for a barbecue. Yes, you heard that right, this beach allows visitors to have a smoky barbecue while enjoying their meals by the shores.

Featuring five beaches, the beach park ensures that you can have a relaxing experience with your close ones away from the crowds and enjoy your beach day to the fullest.

Greeted by a stunning well-groomed park before you hit the shores, the beach is a stunningly maintained government project. Containing over 1,600 palm trees to provide you with the perfect scenic escape and shade in the warm summers of Dubai and over 300 coconut trees that span over 55,000 sqm of green laws, the beach bark is truly a beach-lovers dream and arguably one of the most iconic scenic spots in the Emirate.

The multiple kiosks sprinkled around the park ensure that you always have a bite at an arms length and never go too long without a sneaky snack; after all, who can enjoy a beautiful view on an empty stomach? There are multiple cafeterias and restaurants situated around the park that serve Mediterranean dishes.

  • Can you access the beach by metro?

The nearest metro station to the beach is the Al Qiyadah Metro station. As the metro station lies at about a 50 minutes walking distance from the beach, the visitors are recommended to hail a cab.

  • Does Mamzar Beach have an Entry ticket price?

The beach requires an entry fee of AED 5 to enter and avail the facilities.

Location: Al Mamzar, Dubai
Contact: +91 4 296 6201

For more information, check out Al Mamzar.

Marina Beach

Featuring Dubai's silky white sand, this beach stands near The Walk, the boardwalk at JBR offering residents of the Dubai Marina a stunning beach and stellar views at an arm's length.

Read more about - Fun Things to Do in Dubai Marina

The beach has multiple amenities and eateries such as coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants and shops that can be found nearby the Walk beachfront restaurant and shopping area.

The latest development, known as Bluewaters Island, a manmade Island that features the Ain Dubai, the world's largest observation wheel, can also be accessed by the beach via a wooden bridge.

The beach is perfect for long walks with your pet, cycling with your young ones, or simply enjoying a relaxed evening with your loved ones. There is also free parking available for those travelling by car.

  • Can you access the beach by metro?

The closest metro stations to the beach are the DAMAC metro station and the DMCC metro station.

Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
For more information, check out Visit Dubai.

La Mer

While the Beach may be popular and sometimes crowded, you can definitely tell why and you won't mind it. Lined with the snazziest graffiti, some of the most aesthetic showpieces and the most delectable range of eateries, the La Mer beach stands tall and bright. Your trip to Dubai would not be complete without a trip to this location.

The beach derives its name, ‘La Mer,’ from the French definition of the word that quite literally translates to ‘The Sea’. The redeveloped spot is an urban beachfront destination that gives visitors the option to choose from a variety of activities for the youngest of kids to senior citizens. They’ve got it all, from stall games to observing the beautiful swaying trees and waves.

The beach also has multiple watersports options and its very own waterpark called Laguna. It features over 130 stores, including but not limited to the famous Starbucks, SALT, Five Guys, and more.

  • Can you access the beach by metro?

While you cannot access the beach directly by metro, the closest metro station is the Emirates towers metro station from where you can catch a cab to the beach.

Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai
Contact: +91 4 590 5090

For more information, check out La Mer

Honourable mentions; Beaches and Beach Clubs

Kite Beach

While the beach name is limited to a Kite, his rebranded beach features the snazziest cafes and multiple fun activities.  The beach looks to host opportunities, of which only some are paddle boarding, water skiing, kayaking and kite surfing. Aside from the add-ons, the beach is available for swimming, jogging, and all your classic beach-day activities.

Get more information on Things to do at Kite Beach Dubai.

Azure Beach Club

While this beach club has paid access, we can assure you it's worth it. Entry at the cost of AED 300, out of which AED 100 is redeemable for food and beverages at the club; the club has a variety of activities to keep you entertained. Spending a relaxing evening with a view of the Arabian gulf or spend a night partying or gazing at the stars, Azure Beach Club, has you covered.

For more information, visit Azure Beach Club.

Bla Bla Beach Club

The beach club is just as surprising as the name, in a good way, of course. Why limit yourself to one activity when you can have it all? At Bla Bla, you have access to some of the finest amenities with spas, cocktails, and poolside dining. As is with all things fantastic, the beach club has an AED 200 access fee for the pool that comes with a sun lounger on weekdays (Mon-Fri). AED 100 is redeemable on F&B. The charges on weekends and holidays differ, AED 300, once again split equally for access and F&B.

For more information, visit Bla Bla Beach Club.

Nammos Beach Club

The Mykonos-inspired beach club brings Greece to Dubai with its stunning decor and dishes offered at the Club. Enjoy your meals with a beach view overlooking the sparkling waters of Dubai. The beach is accompanied by a lounge that caters to the visitor's every need. Party your night away or spend a calming day at the spot; they have you covered for both.

For more information, visit Nammos.

Nikki Beach Club

The resort and spa at Pearl Jumeirah offer visitors a stunning view of Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai; how can you go wrong with those views? As one of the world's most luxurious beach clubs, the resort has restaurants, lounges, gyms, spas, and live entertainment for its guests. While some activities, such as the pools, are limited to only adults (18+), the views are definitely for all to enjoy.  

For more information, visit Nikki Beach.

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