'Soul of Dubai – Cultural Experiences' inspires creatives to showcase their cultural experiences in Dubai

'Soul of Dubai – Cultural Experiences' inspires creatives to showcase their cultural experiences in Dubai

The 'Soul of Dubai - Cultural Experiences' project, which aims to shed light on the essence and features of the rich Emirati culture in Dubai and highlight its authentic traditions, featured a number of creative talents from different nationalities, who showcased their inspiring cultural experiences that tell stories and tales of their adventures in Dubai. They shared them with residents and visitors alike, especially to Expo 2020 visitors, enriching their experiences and exploring the many cultural and heritage attractions across the emirate.

Nada Badran recounted the experience of her cultural trips in the emirate, and the most prominent places that attracted her, saying:

"Alserkal Avenue looks quite unassuming from the outside as it’s in an industrial area, but as soon as you step in through the gate, you are transported into another world of cosy cafes, art galleries, boutique shops, and a communal vibe unlike anywhere in Dubai. Kave at Alserkal is one of my favourite spots in Dubai, because it’s not just a café or a concept store; it’s a community space."

Badran also highlighted a number of other places she visited, saying:

“Tucked away on a street in Al Quoz is Mudhouse, a place that resembles a safe haven for amateur potters; unpretentious, welcoming, and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, Infinity des Lumières at Dubai Mall is where you’ll experience the world’s greatest paintings in an incredibly immersive way, without a canvas in sight. It’s a space that has taken on the works of Vincent Van Gogh, letting visitors step straight into ‘Starry Night’; DannyRose Studio’s Dreamed Japan ‘The Images of the floating world,’ also tied to Van Gogh, given his fascination with Japanese art; and Thomas Vanz’s fully digital creation, ‘Verse,’ which takes you on a journey beyond the skies.”

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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