TDRA launches a white paper on the study of industrial applications of 5G mobile networks in UAE

TDRA launches a white paper on the study of industrial applications of 5G mobile networks in UAE

The Telecommunications & Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) launched a white paper on the study of industrial applications of fifth-generation mobile networks, during its participation in GITEX GLOBAL 2022.

TDRA prepared this paper to serve as a guide that outlines the visions and objectives of adopting 5G mobile technologies, laws and use cases, and everything related to the stages of standardisation and spectrum, and the role of fifth-generation networks in developing work environments, industries, businesses, technology trends, intellectual property rights and sustainability.

Commenting on this initiative, Saleh Al Musabi, TDRA’s Deputy Director-General of the Telecommunications Sector, said,

“5G has always been a hot topic when talking about the future, and we in the UAE, as you may know, are one of the leading countries in investing in 5G, both at the level of planning and strategies, and at the level of implementation and operation. This early interest in 5G was not separate from the UAE leadership's historical interest in the ICT sector in general. We were pioneers in establishing the largest fiber-optic network, which allowed the UAE to scale seamlessly across multiple generations of ICTs.”

Al Musabi added,

“Looking to the future, the path of development in all sectors relies largely on this vital sector; the ICT sector, which is the incubator of all digital transformations. As for 5G, it is the bridge towards establishing a digital knowledge-based society and economy, and establishing the bases of the smart city.”

TDRA honoured its strategic partners in this initiative, namely Dubai Police, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Customs, Integrated Transport Centre - Abu Dhabi, ADNOC, etisalat, du, Khalifa University, and Huawei.

Younis Othman, IT Department Manager of Dubai Customs, extended congratulations to the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) on the launch of the 5G Industrial Use Project during GITEX Global 2022. He emphasised that the improvement of operational capabilities through advanced technology will enable government entities and institutions to launch new services and digital platforms based on an integrated portfolio of the latest technologies and solutions. This will enhance the user experience and speed up the completion of online transactions. He pointed out that Dubai Customs is one of the UAE’s leaders in providing smart and digital services. Dubai Customs’ transactions completed online amounted to 99.6 percent of all our services.

The white paper addresses the smart application development path in the UAE by comparison against other countries and regions. Chapter 1 of the white paper describes the characteristics and application scenarios of 5G networks.

Chapter 2 summarises 5G network development trends in major countries and regions worldwide. Especially with regard to policies, strategic planning, project creation and the innovation environment related to 5G applications, in line with the achievement of economic and social digitisation.

Chapter 3 of the white paper reviews the requirements for the development of 5G networks in the country, highlighting the efforts of the UAE government in developing 5G strategies and setting relevant standards and policies. Chapter 4 analyses the path of promoting 5G applications, exploring the needs of the energy, manufacturing, public services and transport sectors for such applications, as these sectors enjoy robust digital infrastructure and have a strong tendency for digital transformation.

Chapter 5 examines the development of 5G applications in pilot/experimental sectors in the UAE, explaining the challenges and requirements of applying 5G technologies in key industries and proposing interim solutions to the challenges and requirements. Chapter 6 presents interim proposals for the development of 5G industrial applications in the UAE, in terms of policies, networks and applications, while drawing upon the experiences of other countries in 5G applications.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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