UAE presents government strategy and innovation at DLD Innovation Festival

UAE presents government strategy and innovation at DLD Innovation Festival

Huda Al Hashemi, Head of UAE Government Strategy and Innovation, affirmed that strengthening international partnerships in spreading and consolidating the culture and practices of government innovation is a fundamental pillar of the UAE government's directions by sharing its distinguished model and best practices it has developed in the areas of harnessing future ideas and modern technology and improving government performance on basis of Innovation.

This was stated during Al Hashemi's participation in a plenary session entitled "The Building of a Government that Innovates", as part of the virtual DLD Summit that was organized remotely within the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival Week, which is one of the largest events in the field of innovation and advanced technology.

Ambassador Yael Ravia-Zadok, Deputy Director-General and Head of the Economic Diplomacy Division at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also addressed the session.

During the session, Al Hashemi reviewed various government initiatives and strategies developed by the UAE in areas of promoting government innovation, and its adoption of the innovation culture in work methodology, and touched on the pillars of the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation, which aims to empower community members in key areas including exploration; future skills; quality of health; living and life; green power; transport, and harnessing technology to serve humankind.

Al Hashemi also dwelt on the future opportunities provided by innovation, by attracting talent and emerging companies and developing new sectors based on advanced technology, and touched on the leadership position, its role as an enabling and supportive incubator for innovative emerging sectors, and the government's efforts in developing policies and programs that support innovation.

Ambassador Yael said,

"The UAE and Israel are among the most innovative countries in the region and the world thanks to their keenness to encourage the adoption of a culture of innovation and provide the necessary infrastructure to attract innovative ideas and implement future projects."

She stressed the importance of exchanging experiences and successful practices and enhancing cooperation between the two countries during the coming period in all vital economic sectors such as health and medical equipment, food and water security, financial technology, agricultural technology, smart mobility, and others.

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