UAE Visit Visa: Tourists warned against overstaying, can be blacklisted, charged as absconding

UAE Visit Visa: Tourists warned against overstaying, can be blacklisted, charged as absconding

Some travel agents have confirmed that blacklisted people will be banned from entering the emirates and other GCC countries.

Visitors holding visit visas in the country have been cautioned against exceeding their authorized stay, even by a day. Travel agencies have advised that overstaying could result in being blacklisted and facing charges of absconding. Several travel agents have also verified that those who are blacklisted will be prohibited from entering the UAE and other GCC countries. As a result, they strongly urge visitors with expired visas to make appropriate arrangements and depart the country promptly.

Why do agents charge overstaying visitors as absconding?

Visitors who arrive in the UAE on a visit visa, typically valid for 30 or 60 days and sponsored by an agent, can cause financial burden for the agent if they overstay.

"To safeguard ourselves, we report them as absconding,"

explained Libin Varghese, Sales Director at Rooh Tourism and Travel LLC.

"It's not just about losing money. We have a limited quota of visa applications on the portal, and if a visitor overstays, we may not be able to apply for new visas. In some cases, our portal can even be blocked,"

added Varghese.

Agents further emphasized that overstay fines are enforced to protect their business, and they have to recover these fines from the visitors.

"The minimum penalty for absconding is Dh2,000, and it increases daily. Depending on the number of days of overstaying, visitors may have to pay even more,"

said an anonymous agent.

How can a person exit if charged absconding?

Before leaving the UAE, individuals must first contact the agent who processed their visa. The next step is to pay the relevant fines to the agent so that the absconding case can be withdrawn from the portal, and the visitor can receive an outpass to exit the country.

Agents emphasize that absconding is considered a criminal offense, and tourists who are charged can be arrested by the police.

"If visitors fail to establish their visa status at the airport, they may face deportation,"

warned Taha Siddique, owner of Siddique Travels, adding that constant communication with the sponsor is crucial for every visitor.

To ensure that their visa status remains valid, travel agents have urged visitors to set a reminder a few days before their visa expiry.

"Many people forget the visa expiry date and only realize it at the airport, which could result in deportation. It is advisable to set a reminder on your phone five days before the visa expiry date,"

added Siddique.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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