UAEU & Integrated Transport ‎Centre programme symposium Future of Transport

UAEU & Integrated Transport ‎Centre programme symposium Future of Transport

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, in cooperation ‎with the Integrated Transport Centre‏ ‏‎ (ITC) of the ‎Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi, ‎has organised "R&D for Future of Transport" event.

The event saw the participation of several directors of strategic ‎companies and relevant institutions. The endeavour is to ‎develop partnerships and promote innovation in the ‎transportation sector.‎ Dr. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said ‎that the UAE University prioritises scientific research, highlighting that transportation is one of the most important ‎strategic research priorities.

"The university works to enable ‎this priority by establishing the Emirates ‎Centre for Mobility Research, which contributes to ‎enhancing the transport-related plans by providing ‎innovative research solutions to create a ‎sustainable transport environment. The data indicates that ‎researchers at the UAE University published 340 research ‎papers during the period 2018-2022," he added. ‎

An official from the ITC said that the UAE‎U ‎is a strategic partner for the Centre in the research and ‎development field and is involved in creating ‎initiatives and innovative solutions that can enhance the future of the transport sector in Abu Dhabi.‎ The ITC praised the role of educational institutions and the ‎nation's youth in developing transport services, highlighting ‎that research and development is the main pillar in ‎shaping the future. It will further support the ITC's ‎efforts to build a smart, safe, integrated, and sustainable ‎transport framework that is in line with the ‎leadership's vision, meets the customers' expectations, ‎and enhances the quality of life for the current and future ‎generations.‎

The Centre relies on its Strategic Transport Evaluation and ‎Assessment Model for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (STEAM+) ‎through multiple media to predict the rates of ‎transport demand.  It uses artificial intelligence techniques ‎and big data to support decision-making, guide, and ‎prepare integrated comprehensive plans for Abu Dhabi, contributing to achieving sustainable development goals. ‎

The ITC had worked on managing the zero-vision strategy ‎project under the Joint Committee for ‎Traffic Safety umbrella. The strategy was developed to accelerate ‎achieving zero deaths, providing a safe and sustainable ‎transport system, and support development plans in ‎partnership with key partners and stakeholders in the ‎public and private sectors.‎ ‎

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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