3-day weekend in UAE: Enjoy 50% off on travel packages to over 20 destinations

3-day weekend in UAE: Enjoy 50% off on travel packages to over 20 destinations

Prices slashed by up to 50 percent for over 20 captivating destinations.

Industry experts have reported a surge in inquiries and bookings as the long weekend approaches from September 29 (Friday) to October 1.

Travel enthusiasts are in for a treat as they can take a trip with exciting deals starting at just Dh999, to various popular destinations.

Popular travel website Holiday Factory has launched a crazy September sale, offering exciting vacation deals with prices slashed by up to 50 percent for over 20 captivating destinations.

The UAE has announced the official paid holiday to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Since most government employees get Saturday-Sunday off, the holiday translates into a three-day weekend for them. Private sector employees will get Friday off as well since the UAE Cabinet grants the same number of leaves to workers of both private and public sectors.

“With the weekend comprising only three days, the residents are showing a preference for destinations with a short flight's reach. They are opting for packages priced in the range of Dh 2,200, offering affordability and a rejuvenating getaway,”

said Raheesh Babu, COO of Musafir.com.

High demand for short getaways

“We have recorded a spike in travel interest among residents. The mini-vacation during this period has prompted many to explore short-haul destinations that are easily accessible from the UAE,” said Rashid Abbas, managing director at Arooha Tours and Travels.

Travel deals

To cater to this surging demand, travel agencies and providers have rolled out a range of attractive travel deals starting at Dh999.

On Holiday Factory, a vacation package in September to Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey is on offer at Dh999. Similarly, there are many other packages starting at Dh 1,199.

“We have observed an incredible surge in demand for travel to Uzbekistan,”

said Mika Uhrincova, PR manager at Holiday Factory, adding that attributing this surge to the country's breathtaking landscapes and a new visa-free policy that has resonated with UAE residents.

“With its unique appeal, Uzbekistan is tailor-made for short escapes and rejuvenating long weekend getaways,”

added Uhrincova.

Most preferred destinations

According to Babu, the most in-demand destinations during the upcoming long holiday are Krabi, Almaty, Thailand, Baku, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Phuket. > “There is no requirement for a visa for the majority of nationalities residing in the UAE,”

said Babu.

“Another reason is the cost of the package which is nearly 20 percent cheaper currently. And we have sold out nearly 80 percent of our packages for the long weekend,”

added Babu.

Habitual travellers

People have become habituated to travelling and the moment residents hear about an extended weekend, they plan their journey, said Abbas.

“One of the main factors inducing interest for travelling is visa on arrival for UAE residents coupled with affordable packages overseas,”

added Abbas.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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