Al Ain Centre Computer Plaza - Things to know

Al Ain Centre Computer Plaza - Things to know

Al Ain Centre Computer Plaza - A Place to Buy Cheap Laptops and Computers in Dubai. A hub for hardware, software and computer accessories. know more

Dubai is a city that is considered to be one of the best places for shopping sprees. From grand shopping centres to traditional markets and offer anything you can think of, from fashion to cutting-edge technology.

Al Ain also known as the Computer Plaza is a tech shopping centre that offers all kinds of services required by new and loyal customers alike. Aside from purchasing brand new phone or laptop, you can look for repairs of your current gadget, or ask for specific missing pieces or new parts to upgrade your gadget.

The Computer Plaza houses more than 60 retailers, giving a determined customer all the possibilities to find the best deal by comparing the price and service in as many retail shops you can check out.  

Although the prices are reasonable, they are not dirt cheap since the Al Ain Centre is primarily a tech- market hence these gadgets are still worth a great price, the convenient part is the prices tend to be reduced compared to another  tech store in a shopping centre in Dubai.

This magnificent Computer Plaza centre has over eithy stores, 4o of which re owned by international companies the specialise in networking, computer systems etc.

Say you have issues with your iPad or scanner, then just pay a visit at this tech market and surely someone will be able to fix it. Many of the shopkeepers are highly skilled and they can layout the diffrerent solutions  to your problems.

The staff having the great ability of offering sound advice, you can make the choice of repairing your gadget or purchasing a new one. Just make sure to bring your gadget with you so they can diagnose the problem first hand.  

If you are a passionate Gamer, then the Plaza is the place for you. You can find games with different prices, vintage or brand new.  

Al Ain Centre is a market that engages with electronic products such as laptops, phones, printers, scanners, video game consoles and more. The market consists of 80 different retail stores. You can check out different products, compare the quality and prices, and settle for the best deal.

It would be best if you considered purchasing your electronic gadgets from Al Ain because they tend to be cheaper than their counterparts in Malls and shopping centres.  The Al Ain Centre can be, to a degree, more affordable.

This Computer plaza centre accommodates all kinds of clients. It is possible if you are a business owner wanting to purchase bulk.

Apart from the services mentioned so far, if you are an entrepreneur or a manager of a small business and you are on the path of setting a  system for a new office.

Al Ain is located in the Mankhool area of Bur Dubai. Known as one of the old preserved neighbourhoods in the city. Located near Burjuman Mall and Meena Bazaar street.

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Some of the staff mention that the Al Ain Centre supplies stores in multiple malls in Dubai. The cool thing about this plaza is that you can ask for updates and tweaks in specific gadgets you have purchased.

You can ask for specific pieces like extra RAM or brand new batteries. Aside of electronic parts, you can find your favourite electronic products such as Apple, Samsung, Huawawi and others.  

Other Offices in Al Ain Computer Plaza

In Al Ain Computer Plaza the rer are many offices operating fro computer comaniets that offer their services inside the centre. Some of these companies have offices under fitness , fashion and financial outlets. There are fitness clubs , doctor's and dentistry clinics as well.  

Customer services hold a great significance in the Computer Plaza management section. The management in Al Ain Centre have specific procedures to make sure the quality does not drop. Many sessions are held on a regular basis.

If you want to contact the Computer Plaza's management team for any issue regarding a purchase of an electronic item. call +971-4-261-2443.

Living in an age where the quality of our electronic gadgets has a great effect on our performance with our work, sometimes it can even opendoors with specific industries, through learning certain skills like digital design, video editing, photography and coding.

All are skills acquired through constant practice with specific electronic gadgets. Not to mention the basic workload on personal and work laptops and mobile phone.

The quality of our electronics is highly important, since our lively hood is so dependent on these items. Hence, it is good to know about places in Dubai that offer services and products alike with good quality along with economical prices.

How to get to Al Ain Centre

  • RTA Bus Transport

Al Ain Centre can be reached through RTA public bus transport. By taking buses 83, C01, X02,15.

  • Metro transport

Stop at Al Fahidi Metro Station (on the green line). And walk to Al Ain Centre for five minutes. Then take Exit to Etisalalt/Al Ain Plaza.

  • Parking

Parking is not free around the region of AL Ain Centre. It is more advisable to take public transport when visiting Al Ain Centre.

  • Location : Al Makthool Road, Al Mankhool, Dubai
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 Am - 10:30 Pm (Daily)


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