Stay on your diet with these Healthy Meal Plans in Dubai

Stay on your diet with these Healthy Meal Plans in Dubai

The new year comes with new resolutions. We all try to eat healthy and follow a strict diet plan when we enter the new year. The initial enthusiasm and excitement about following a diet fade weekly due to many reasons. Cravings for different types of food and easy accessibility of processed foods are some of the popular reasons behind failing a healthy routine. To counter this you might need to find a way to have healthy meals always.

In this busy world, it might look a bit unrealistic if you have to cook daily following a nutrient schedule or plan given to you by your dietician. Convenience is the key factor in building a routine. Try to bring in convenient methods so you can make it a habit.

In Dubai, you can find many brands offering tasty and healthy meal plans to the citizens on a daily basis. By subscribing to such a plan, you can avoid the fuss over cooking meals daily or having to resort to processed foods. If you would like to know more about these kinds of brands, here are some of the brands that offer healthy meal plans in Dubai.

Right Bite

Image Source: Right Bite

Right Bite is a brand that offers healthy meal plans in Dubai. They have been in business for some time now. Right Bite helps you to get on a healthy track. Their licensed dieticians will curate a personalized menu for you according to your body’s needs and lifestyle.

Right Bite offers a wide variety of meal plans like weight loss diet plans, convenience plans, athlete diet plans, and so on. They even offer vegan plans. You can either choose a plan and proceed or let them choose for you based on your concerns. Once you have a plan, they will customize it to suit your schedule. The meals are delivered to your doorstep or whichever location you prefer. You will also be provided with a personal nutritionist to follow up on your progress.

Right Bite Express provides an opportunity for you to taste the dishes on the menu without having to subscribe to a plan.

Visit their website to book an appointment with their dietician or straight away subscribe to a plan.

Price: The lowest price of a meal plan provided by Right Bite is AED99 per day, which is for a vegan meal. The price could go up to AED128 per day for a low-carb meal plan.


Image Source: Delicut

Delicut delivers healthy meal plans across UAE. They aim at serving healthy and delicious meal plans for a reasonable price. They have only three meal plans; low cal (under 500 kcal/meal), balanced (550 – 600 kcal/meal), and gain (above 650 kcal/meal) meal plans. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can personalize the meals according to your tastes. Every week you get to reset your menu and add a different dish.

Delicut delivers your meals twice a week facilitating you to not wait for any meal. You can just heat it up and consume it. The air-tight containers they use help the food to stay fresh for longer. You can customize the number of meals, snacks, and days to suit your schedule.

Delicut also offers party catering and individual meals. You can order their tasty dishes and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Check out their website to know more about their plans. They offer sample plans so you can try their plans before subscribing to a full plan.

Price: The monthly plan with three meals a day costs AED2376.


Image Source: iDiet

iDiet is a sub-brand of HealthBox Diet and Nutrition Center in Lebanon. iDiet aims to serve nutritious and tasty meals across UAE. They have a lineup of registered dieticians and highly trained professional chefs who will curate the diet plan that works optimally for you. They have included international, Asian, and oriental recipes in their menu.

iDiet allows you to enjoy every bit of your meal while working towards your fitness goals. They offer 12 different meal plans. iKeto, iMaintain, iPesce, and iDetox are some of their healthy meal plans. Their iVegan meal plan caters specifically to those who follow vegan food culture. They also have a specific meal plan for lactating mothers.

Each meal plan offers three different options, AM Half Board (breakfast, lunch, and a snack), Full Board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks), and PM Half Board (lunch, dinner, and a snack). You can also subscribe to a 10-day plan, a 20-day plan, and a full-month plan.

Visit their website to get a free assessment to have an idea about what plan to choose.

Price: An average meal plan costs around AED150 per day.

Freshly Meals

Image Source: Freshly Meals

Freshly Meals is a meal delivery service that serves around UAE. They serve fresh, tasty, and healthy meals on a daily basis. Most of their dishes are prepared from ingredients that are locally sourced. They make sure you consume the right amount of macronutrients in your diet. They also provide customizable options when selecting your meals.

With Freshly Meals you can change your menu every week while tasting all options in Mediterranean, Arabic, Indian, and Pan-Asian cuisines. They provide 9 meal options; vegan, muscle gain, diabetic-friendly, paleo, keto, PCOS, balanced living, gut cleanse, and fat loss.

Once you choose your meal plan, you will have a nutritionist call you to follow up on your health journey. You will have nutritious meals delivered to your doorstep daily. You also have options to pause the plan and restart it whenever you need without losing the credits in your plan.

Visit their website to know more details about each plan they offer.

Price: The cheapest meal plan costs AED79 per day while the most expensive ones cost AED95 per day.

Eat Well

Image Source: Zomato

Eat Well is an initiative by Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre. DHTC has been in the health and wellness industry for many years with the best advice in naturopathy. Their vision is to feed families that have little time to cook healthy meals daily. Their meal plans help you to achieve your fitness goals, control medical conditions and manage food intolerances.

Eat Well offers 8 meal plans to suit your body and needs. You can choose from weight loss, weight loss paleo, athlete, athlete paleo, diabetic, vegan, fertility, and bespoke meal plans. You also have the option to select half-day meal plans. A full-day meal plan consists of 3 main meals and two snacks whereas half day meal plan includes 2 main meals and a snack. These plan subscriptions are for 20 days.

Eat Well also has detox special plans like 3-day juicing, detox & cleanse, and vegan detox & cleanse. All their meal plans come under three categories; Eat well and cleanse, Eat what you need, and 100% ME – Eat bespoke and delicious.

Check out their website to view the sample menu before subscribing to the meal plan.

Price: The average of a full-day meal plan (20 days) at Eat Well costs AED3100 while the half-day meal plan (20 days) average is AED2500.

Meals on Me

Image Source: Meals On Me

Meals on Me has been focusing on adding convenience and health to our daily lives. They have been offering lunch and dinner plans to offices and homes for an affordable price. Meals on Me has expert chefs cooking meals that burst with flavor and nutrition.

Meals on Me curates a special diet for you by including tasty dishes from multiple cuisines. Keto, vegan, vegetarian, wholesome, international, Arabic, and Indian are some of the meal plans you could try out. In case you cannot fixate on any one cuisine, you can make use of their flexi plans.

You can select their plan and choose the number of meals at each delivery and the delivery timings. Meals on Me allows you to change your menu weekly to avoid getting bored with regular dishes.

Meals on Me offer lunch subscriptions, dinner subscriptions, and lunch and dinner subscriptions.

Visit their website to know more about the meal plans they offer.

Price: The price of a monthly lunch plan is as cheap as AED567. The monthly lunch and dinner plans cost AED1137.

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