Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom) has 365 operating companies to date, Dubai Economy

Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom) has 365 operating companies to date, Dubai Economy

A recent report by the Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector of Dubai Economy shows that the number of operating businesses in Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom) has reached 365 to date. Of these, 60 per cent licences are Commercial, followed by Professional (36 per cent) and the rest related to Tourism and Industrial activities.

In terms of legal forms of the active licences in Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom), Sole Establishment ranked first at 55.6 per cent, followed by Limited Liability Company (LLC) (37 per cent), and Civil Company (3.3 per cent). The legal forms also include Branches of Companies based in other Emirates, One-Person Limited Liability Companies, Branches of Foreign Companies, Branches of GCC Companies, and Public Shareholding Companies.

Of the companies operating in Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom), 97.5 per cent are by businessmen, 1.3 per cent by companies and 1.2 per cent by women entrepreneurs. The top activities for the companies operating in the area include: Trade in veterinary medicines; Feed trade; Restaurants; Preparation of snacks; General Trading; Perfumes and cosmetics; Horse gear & equestrian tools and supplies; Watches and spare parts; Veterinary equipment and tools; and Grocery stores.

Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom) area is located 40 kilometres from the center of Dubai, and is regarded as one of the promising areas that holds many opportunities, as it is an environmental centre and a tourist attraction with a unique natural setting.

The activities in Al Lisaili (Al Marmoom) vary including driving cars on the desert sand, cycling, falconry, camel riding, relaxing in a Bedouin environment, traditional camel races in the Al Marmoom Camel Race Track and others.

Work is constantly being undertaken to drive a sustainable planning approach to achieve the highest levels in human-friendly urban environments, focusing on improving the economy, energy, housing, health, quality of life, entertainment and digital technology that suit the needs and aspirations of individuals and families, and contribute to achieving the sustainability goals.

Dubai Economy’s strategy focuses on enhancing ease of doing business as well as driving the overall competitiveness and sustainable growth of Dubai. The BRL sector offers several initiatives such as ease of start-up procedures, business registration, adoption of new e-services, and value-added services for licensed business owners.

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