This Dubai bookstore offers FREE academic books to students ahead of the new school year

This Dubai bookstore offers FREE academic books to students ahead of the new school year

In Dubai, a bookstore is offering numerous academic books at no cost to students, with the sole condition being the presentation of valid proof of ongoing academic enrollment.

BookHero has been running this program for seven years, an annual tradition in August before classes begin. Montserrat Martin, the founder of BookHero, mentioned that this year they have approximately 5,000 academic books spanning various educational levels, allowing each student to receive up to four titles.

Running until September 4, the initiative takes place at BookHero's main outlet within Oasis Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

What's even more exciting is that these complimentary books are not restricted solely to UAE residents or local students; they are also open to students studying abroad. Montserrat Martin, whose lineage includes a Filipina grandmother, clarified that this means even an expatriate parent based in Dubai but with a child studying in countries like India, Kenya, or the Philippines can visit the Oasis Mall store and obtain four free textbooks for their children, with proof of enrollment being the only requirement.

Consistency and community involvement

Having resided in Dubai for 22 years, Martin, originally from Spain, shared that the idea of distributing free books isn't novel. However, the reason her initiative has endured lies in its consistent implementation and active engagement with the community.

"BookHero operates on a book swapping model, and occasionally individuals exchange four books for just two. We retain the surplus two books, and over the course of a year, this accumulation amounts to thousands of books that we distribute in August,"

Martin explained.

She emphasized,

"The initiative has gained popularity among residents, which is why we continue to offer free books annually, aligning with our mission to enhance book accessibility for all."

Additionally, Martin highlighted,

"We receive support not only from the community but also collaborate with other companies, inviting them to contribute to smaller communities by providing free educational resources."

Going to communities

In the digital era, the provision of physical books holds significant value for underprivileged communities lacking internet access. BookHero demonstrated this impact by dispatching 400 kilograms of books to a Kenyan orphanage recently and sending 300 kilograms of books to a community in Andhra Pradesh, India, a few months ago.

Driven by this altruistic vision, BookHero, co-founded by Martin and Emirati entrepreneur Mohammed Al Qubaisi, a passionate book enthusiast, has evolved to involve UAE residents and visitors who are eager to carry books for free distribution in their respective home nations.

Travelling Hero

Dubbed "Travelling Hero," the concept allows individuals traveling for leisure or returning to their home countries to approach BookHero for books to distribute to local associations, orphanages, or public libraries in their regions. These books are provided free of charge and can be conveniently added to the traveler's check-in luggage. Martin elaborated,

"Certain residents have expressed interest in carrying up to 20 kilograms of books, and due to the infectious spirit of giving, some have even covered the additional baggage cost from their own funds."

Martin holds a strong belief in the enduring impact of her initiative. She expressed,

"While BookHero functions as a business, its unique aspect lies in its ongoing acts of giving. Witnessing the joy on the face of a fellow book enthusiast when they receive a book is a tale that will consistently conclude with happiness."

News Source: Khaleej Times

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