Cayan Tower: Exploring the Fascinating Twisting Building in Dubai

Cayan Tower: Exploring the Fascinating Twisting Building in Dubai

Dubai is a major architectural hub in the world known for its luxurious lifestyles, a stunning skyline, and opulent buildings. Most of the visitors in the city are dazed by the unique structures and designs of the buildings in Dubai. Each and every building has an exclusive architectural story to tell. From the Museum of the Future to the mighty Burj Khalifa, the architectural marvels in this beautiful city knows no bound. Dubai’s ever-changing landscape attracts the world to this small but best city in the world. In terms of luxury, design, infrastructure, and modernity, this city is steps ahead of other developed cities.

One of the major attractive components of Dubai is its architectural marvels, which have become iconic landmarks of modern-day engineering and design. The world’s largest man-made island, the world’s tallest building, and the world’s first 3-D printed commercial building are some of the world records owned by the city of skyscrapers. Dubai's architectural wonders are a testament to the city's vision of creating a futuristic metropolis. You can see an artistic blend of traditional Middle Eastern and contemporary Western designs in the city’s architectural feats. All these architectural marvels contribute to the emirate’s extraordinary skyline.

Cayan Tower is one of the unique building structures in Dubai that stands out to the world. We will take you through the exciting features of this twisted building in Dubai.

Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower is one of the most stunning buildings in the city. This building was formerly known as the Infinity tower due to its twisted structure. It is located in the bustling streets of Dubai Marina. The building turns 90 degrees from its base to the crown. This 75-storey building has many visually appealing features to attract visitors towards it. The tower has become an architectural icon of Dubai since 2013 with its impressive height and design. The unique structure of this twisted building lets each floor have a different view of its own.

The tower stands at a height of 307 meters, making it one of the tallest residential buildings in Dubai. It houses 495 apartments, each with its own balcony and unobstructed view of the city. You can rent one-to-five-bedroom apartments in this twisted building in Dubai. Cayan Tower has five levels of parking and various other amenities like a swimming pool, fitness centre, and conference rooms for its residents.

Cayan Tower has won many worldwide recognitions within a short span of time for its innovative design and engineering. The tower has been recognized by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat as one of the most important buildings constructed in recent years. It won the Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2014, which recognizes the best new skyscrapers around the world.

Cayan Tower tells a tale of Dubai’s dedication to innovative architecture and design. The tower’s twisting shape, impressive height, and luxurious amenities have made it one of the most iconic buildings in Dubai.

History of Cayan Tower

Formerly known as the Infinity Tower, the tower received its current name at the time of its completion in 2013. The idea behind this unique architecture dates back to the early 2000s when the government was looking to develop Dubai Marina. The neighborhood is currently a crowd-puller and houses many popular residential buildings in the city. This tower was the project of Cayan Real Estate Investment and Development. The developers wanted to symbolize the city’s modernity and progress through this residential project.

Design of Cayan Tower

The most interesting element of Cayan Tower is its design and it is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into it. The most striking feature of Cayan Tower is its twisting shape which creates a sense of movement and fluidity that is rare in traditional skyscrapers. The tower was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM), a renowned architectural firm known for its innovative designs and engineering. This architectural firm has previously worked for Burj Khalifa.

The Cayan Tower takes its unique shape through a series of cantilevered floors that gradually rotate around a cylindrical core. The effect is visually fascinating and creates the illusion of a building in motion. The tower twists 90 degrees from its base to its crown, resulting in a dynamic silhouette that stands out against Dubai's skyline. This 90-degree turn is created by each floor turning 1.2 degrees in comparison with the previous floor.

The twist and turns of the building add to the beauty of the building but do not stop at that. The rotation of the tower helps to reduce wind forces which is important in a city like Dubai where frequent strong winds occur. The design also allows the residents of each floor to have a unique view of the city and the Arabian Gulf. The twisting shape is, therefore, not just a visual gimmick but a practical solution to the challenges posed by the tower's location and the environment.

The exterior of the tower is done with a reflective glass façade to enhance the visual appearance of Cayan Tower. The reflection of the surrounding waters and skies of Dubai Marina can be seen on the glass creating a sense of integration with the environment. The design of the base of Cayan Tower integrates seamlessly with the surrounding streetscape that includes retail spaces.

Construction of Cayan Tower

The construction of the Cayan Tower in Dubai was a monumental undertaking that required innovative engineering solutions and careful planning. Being a unique design has its own disadvantages. The construction of the Cayan Tower came with many challenges.

One of the most significant challenges of the tower's construction was the cantilevered floors that create its twisting shape. Each floor extended beyond the previous floor to create a special structure which required innovative engineering solutions to ensure stability. Each floor had to be precisely aligned with the previous one to create the twisting effect. The engineering team used a variety of techniques like diagonal post-tensioning to ensure that each floor was properly aligned and stable.

Since the tower was located next to a water body, there were some challenges. The tower’s construction had to be stopped for over a year as the foundation site was flooded after the breach of the Dubai Marina wall in 2007. The team had to take extra care to provide a solid foundation for this twisted building.

Residential units in Cayan Tower

Imagine being able to live in a beautiful building overlooking the Dubai skyline. Cayan Tower offers a unique opportunity to live in the twisting building in Dubai. Renting an apartment at this tower will let you live in the bustling streets of Dubai Marina. Cayan Tower houses 495 apartments, which include studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and five-bedroom units.

The residential unit in the tower faces Dubai Marina, Arabian Gulf, and the surrounding cityscape. The apartments feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow natural light to flood the rooms, and high ceilings which give the units a spacious feel. The team has taken care of the interiors with special care to match the high living standards of Dubai. Premium materials and luxurious fittings are used to furnish the apartments. The residential units at Cayan Tower come with fully equipped kitchens, built-in wardrobes, and ensuite bathrooms with high-end fixtures and finishes.

How to reach Cayan Tower

The Cayan Tower is located in the heart of Dubai Marina, one of the city's most popular residential and tourist destinations. Cayan Tower’s location is easily accessible by Dubai's public transport system, making it a convenient destination for visitors and residents alike. The most convenient mode of transportation is the Dubai Metro, which connects the city's major landmarks and attractions.

If you are planning to travel by metro, take the red line and get down at the Sobha Realty metro station, from where you can take the tram and get down to Marina Towers tram station. Cayan Tower is at a walkable distance from this tram station. There are buses that take you directly to the location. Visit the RTA Journey Planner to know which bus to take from your desired location.

For visitors driving to the Cayan Tower, there is ample parking available in the surrounding area, including a dedicated parking garage for the tower's residents and visitors.

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