Dubai hosted 110 international sports camps till end of August

Dubai hosted 110 international sports camps till end of August

Dubai has hosted 110 international camps in various sports games since the beginning of this year and up to the end of last August.

Several clubs, national teams and prominent sports stars in football & other sports games will arrive in Dubai during upcoming period to organize training camps as part of their preparations for various sports championships, stating a remarkable increase in the numbers of the sports training camps, hosted by the Emirate.

Dubai Sports Council continues cooperation with several internal & international entities and organizers to facilitate the arrival of top world teams & athletes to arrange training camps in Dubai, which is characterized by its world sports facilities / all factors of attraction comprising easy movement, availability of hotel apartments, famous shopping & entertainment centers / splendid weather & distinctive lifestyle.    

Besides the continuity of organization of camps for European national teams & clubs from Britain, Poland, Bulgaria, France, New Zealand, Slovakia, Russia, Austria and Denmark, the current year has also witnessed remarkable increase in the numbers of Asian national teams & clubs which have come to Dubai from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordon, Kuwait in addition to Mexico from American and Tanzania & Chad from Africa.      

The training camps, taking place in Dubai, are organized at various sports facilities which are established as per the most advanced standards to meet the requirements & needs of the different world teams. Jebel Ali Resort is top on the list of the most attractive places for international camps in Dubai, as it has witnessed the organization of more than 30 training camps since the beginning of the year. Hamdan Sports Complex also continues to host camps, world clubs & national teams and Olympic champions, as it has hosted 12 international camps up to last Aug.

The international training camps have become an eminent source of the sports sector’s contribution in Dubai’s GDP, thanks to the great & continuous growth in the numbers of clubs & national teams which choose Dubai as a destination to organize camps. Clubs, national teams & prominent stars have decided to organize training camps in the Emirate of Dubai, based on the Emirate’s prestigious status on the world sports map, thanks to its well-based infra-structure.  Dubai also enjoys all factors of sports & tourist attraction, which contribute to attaining sports & entertaining goals of athletes participating in the camps, so that they may return to their homelands with beautiful & happy memories, helping them to boost the physical & morale readiness before the launch of official competitions.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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