EDGC signs deal to export COVID-19 test kits to Dubai

EDGC signs deal to export COVID-19 test kits to Dubai

Korean genetic sequencing analyzer EDGC has signed an agreement with Dubai-based healthcare firm Babirus to supply COVID-19 diagnostic test kits for the city's 2.55 million residents.

The Incheon-based company said it provided 100,000 DiaPlexQ kits to the United Arab Emirates city Oct. 20 and will supply the rest by the end of the year.

EDGC's partner company Solgent also joined the deal as a co-provider of DiaPlexQ to Babirus. Babirus is American clinical diagnostic and life science product manufacturer Bio-Rad's Middle East branch.

Using polymerase and other biological products created by Solgent, DiaPlexQ has global competitiveness in quality and price, EDGC said.

"Starting with Babirus, EDGC will broaden its sales routes in eight countries in the Middle East, starting with Egypt," EDGC co-CEO Shin Sang-cheol said.

Certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Europe's CE-IVD, EDGC and Solgent have been providing COVID-19 test kits to some 60 countries.

EDGC said Babirus had also expressed interest in Solgent's test kits for about 20 diseases, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, respiratory virus, sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis C.

Babirus previously provided more than 3 million COVID-19 test kits to the Middle East.

via The Korea Times News.

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