SheCreates 2.0: Meta's New E-Book Celebrating 30 Women in MENA

SheCreates 2.0: Meta's New E-Book Celebrating 30 Women in MENA

Meta in MENA has launched #SheCreates 2.0, its dedicated platform that celebrates women across the Middle East and North Africa region by shedding light on their success in building communities, entrepreneurship, and growing businesses.

In the second edition of the #SheCreates e-book, Meta celebrates 30 women in the region who have created meaningful change, broken down barriers and biases, and inspired others with their leadership, across MENA’s technology and media industries.

In the first edition, Meta launched #SheCreates as an exclusive community for women from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey to commemorate their achievements as they overcame unforeseen challenges over the past couple of years of the pandemic. This year, building on this program's foundations, the new e-book goes a step further to inspire all women who value entrepreneurship and leadership to build businesses, communities, and careers.

Some of the names in this year’s edition include:

  • Lama Jammal, owner of Mamalu Kitchen (UAE)
  • Sarah Seklani, owner of Laila’s Candy Cart (UAE)
  • Mina Al-Oraibi, Iraqi-British journalist, Editor in Chief of The National (Iraq)
  • Caroline Faraj, VP of CNN and Head of Arabic services
  • Jomana Al-Rashed, CEO of Saudi Research and Media Group
  • Dalia Dogmoush Soubra, Syrian-German food author and entrepreneur (Syria)
  • Rania Hammad, British-Egyptian fashion designer (Egypt)
  • Manal Rostom, Egyptian marathoner and mountaineer (Egypt)
  • Farah Nabulsi, Academy Award-nominated and BAFTA Award-winning Palestinian/British filmmaker (Palestine)
  • Nadine Samra, Chief Business Officer for Weyyak (Jordan)
  • Mona Abou Hana, PwC's Chief People Officer for EMEA and the Middle East (Lebanon), among others.

Throughout the e-book, which is available in English, women leaders have shared their career learnings, challenges, and valuable advice to those wishing to follow in their footsteps. Through #SheCreates 2.0, Meta showcases the power of meaningful connections made on its platforms as women joined forces across Meta’s family of apps to support and uplift one another.

Derya Matras, Vice President, Africa, Middle East &Turkey at Meta, said in a statement,

“Today’s women and those who identify as women experience a myriad of unparalleled challenges - the glass ceiling, the unconscious bias, and the unrelenting expectation to care for others. I am incredibly proud to launch the book’s second edition, shining a much-needed spotlight on the incredible women from the MENA region who are making a real difference, creating change, breaking down barriers, and redefining what’s possible across all professions, sectors, and industries in the region.”

The book has been designed by Nourane Owais, an illustrator, photographer, interior stylist, and founder of Regiggers creative agency & Courtyard 66 studios in Cairo, Egypt. With over 200,000 followers on social media, Nourane shares her creative content and continues to grow her online community by sharing her journey as a self-taught artist and business owner.

The second edition of the #SheCreates ebook is available for download. Click here to get your copy.

News Source: Communicate

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