MOHAP wins three awards reinstating its position in field of digital transformation

MOHAP wins three awards reinstating its position in field of digital transformation

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has won three awards in two separate competitions, strengthening its leadership and competitive position in the field of digital transformation.

The Ministry won the best government innovative application award from CXO Insight Middle East magazine.

At the same time, Samir Al Khoury, Director of the Information Technology Department at the Ministry, received the best government CEO award for 2022.

Entitled "Government Digital Transformation Summit and Awards," the ceremony was held in Dubai to honour participants in developing technological projects from around the world.

MoHAP also received the IDC's "Best for Future Operations" award at an event hosted at Dubai's Museum of the Future under the theme "Digital Leaders in the Digital Era."

More than 200 prominent Middle Eastern IT executives attended the ceremony. The award is organised annually to honour the best public and private entities that develop outstanding projects and provide innovative services.

The awards underscore the Ministry's commitment to improving government services, streamlining procedures to keep up with advanced technology, and increasing trust in MoHAP's efficiency in innovation and sustainability.

Ahmed Ali Al Dashti, Assistant Under-Secretary for Support Services Sector, MoHAP, said that the Ministry would continue to carry out innovative projects and make the most of the latest technologies to improve customer satisfaction and advance the Ministry's digital transformation process.

"Winning the three awards is yet another testament to the ministry's digital excellence and will only motivate us to share our experience and expand the use of smart solutions to serve customers better,"

Al Dashti added.

He stated that the Ministry is keen to bring all innovative ideas, projects, and development programs to fruition to support the country's strategic approaches and the wise leadership's visions.

"We are committed to employing the latest digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, to improve the performance of the health sector."

Al Dashti emphasised that MoHAP's smart application was developed solely by internal efforts and was powered by cutting-edge technologies, which opened up new horizons for the Ministry's digital services portfolio.

Samir Al Khoury expressed his pride in the recent milestone, adding that winning the three awards reflects the Ministry's success and excellence in the digital transformation sector and provides further proof of the Ministry's advanced competitive position.

"The Ministry's smart app has significantly increased the use of MoHAP digital services thanks to being an all-in-one app and user-friendly with easy access to all services, thus upgrading consumer experience.

He said that the app combines all MoHAP services into a single one that connects users to the Ministry's social media accounts and ChatBot.

Al Khoury stated that the Ministry is keen to constantly survey customers' needs and expectations about the smart app to develop performance, upgrade customer satisfaction, and promote the app's clarity.

"Customer feedback constitutes a basic guiding light to all development and innovation processes,"

he noted.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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