Dubai's newest attraction to feature a daring swing & slide option

Dubai's newest attraction to feature a daring swing & slide option

Sitting atop the Address Dubai at 219.5 metres above the ground, Sky view Dubai takes city sightseers to new heights as a super speedy elevator takes you straight to level 53.

The novel attraction from Emaar, a three-fold experience comprising of Sky Observatory, Sky Glass Slide and Sky Edge Walk, is undoubtedly an Instagram-worthy destination even for the most reluctant social media users.

Though signing a mandatory waiver can raise many eyebrows, but brushing aside all doubts seems the only way forward if one’s already come this far, in pursuit of some unusual thrill.

This action-filled recreational activity begins when people don the black jumpsuits. Petrification gradually turns into exhilaration as a white and green helmet is then handed out.

Guests are then ushered into a lobby, the final waiting point, before thrill seekers hit the edge to commence the memorable vantage walk.

Here, a cheerful trainer gives a safety briefing, clipping people to the harness with carabiners and advises them on how to apply the brakes whenever one decides to swing away from the ledge.

Then the panoramic walk along the ridge begins — with breath-taking views of the Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road on the right.

Guests are asked to stroll hands-free swaying outside the building.

Looking down at the incredible sites as one tippy-toes away from the skyscraper, one can feel woozy, but soon that daze transforms to greater assurance.

Other skyscrapers in the vicinity look like silver trees of geometry, and moving cars on the Sheikh Zayed road below, seem like children’s Legos from that height.

Next, Sky Views Observatory presents guests with access to Level 52 and 53 of the iconic twin towers.

A 46-metre glass walk is perched in between two towers, providing an unhindered view of Downtown Dubai for social media lovers.

Another real spectacle where visitors can experience childhood adventure is the Sky Views Glass Slide.

Visitors can get a 360-degree view as the slide has a transparent bottom and sides, providing loads of options for admirable and unforgettable pictures.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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