Summer tourism trends: UAE travellers embracing affordable luxury, says report

Summer tourism trends: UAE travellers embracing affordable luxury, says report

This summer, there is a noticeable shift in travel preferences exhibited by UAE residents reports, an online travel agency that monitors travel trends in the country.

In the UAE, the hospitality and tourism industry firms have seen a surge in demand for affordable luxury experiences notes its latest report.


The affordable luxury travel market is experiencing significant growth, characterised by a preference for 5-star stays, premium economy or business class flights, and exclusive private tours.

The report says that travel patterns show that upto 80 per cent of travellers are planning family vacations, underscoring the significance of family-oriented travel experiences.’s data highlights that hotels and hotel apartments are the preferred choice for accommodations, reflecting the demand for comfort and convenience among UAE travellers.

Alongside the demand for affordable luxury, UAE travellers are increasingly seeking adventure sports, cultural immersion, and eco-friendly experiences, adding unique elements to their vacations.

As technology reshapes the travel landscape, travellers are embracing online bookings and mobile apps to plan and book their trips with ease and convenience.

Budget considerations

Travel trends for August show that families and individuals in the UAE are embarking on extended vacation journeys, who have taken advantage of reduced airline prices or affordable travel packages to sought-after destinations.

Data shows that the average budget for these vacations are between Dhs3,500-4,500 per person and an average trip duration lasts 5-6 nights, while some are even extending their getaways to 10 days.

Top destinations‘s data reveals a notable increase in interest in destinations like Thailand, Georgia, Baku, Salalah, Abha, and Saudi Arabia’s AlUla. Additionally, the popularity of visa-on-arrival countries has soared.

Travellers have combined affordable flight fares with convenience choosing single layover trips.

Commenting on the travel trends, Raheesh Babu, COO of, said,

“Previously, home country vacations were the norm, but we are witnessing a remarkable shift as people now opt for 1-2 leisure trips combined with visits to loved ones. Many are choosing to elevate their travel experiences with premium economy flights and minimum 4-star accommodations, seeking the perfect balance of luxury and affordability. Even for those opting for staycations within the UAE, short getaways across the country are gaining popularity.”

Raheesh added,

“This year, we have witnessed an exceptional rise in leisure packages booked, with over 15,000 packages sold, more than doubling our pre-COVID numbers. The growth momentum is expected to continue, driving double-digit growth in the coming years.”

Budget considerations, seamless visa processes, and favourable weather conditions are the driving factors behind UAE residents’ travel decisions. Their desire for novel experiences, affordability, and a willingness to explore new destinations create a promising outlook for the UAE’s travel and tourism industry.

News Source: Gulf Business

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