RTA's 'Golden Chance': Check your eligibility for a UAE driving license

RTA's 'Golden Chance': Check your eligibility for a UAE driving license

With the help of this initiative, expatriates can take their road test without having to take driving lessons first.

There are several options for expatriates and locals in the UAE to effortlessly change their current driving licenses to UAE licenses. By following a straightforward checklist, citizens of 40 different nations can achieve this.

But what if your country isn't included in the list?

The 'golden chance' project, which is a one-step process to get a new driver's license, was just launched by Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

With the help of this effort, both locals and expatriates can take a road test without taking driving lessons. Previously, you had to finish driving lessons before the test if your license wasn't suitable for immediate conversion.

Check your eligibility for the ‘Golden Chance’ test in Dubai

Using the RTA's online service to "Apply for a new driving license based on exchanging licenses," you can determine your eligibility.

Step 1: Provide details on the RTA website

  • Visit the official RTA website for issuing license and select 'Apply Now'.
  • Enter your Emirates ID and its expiry date.
  • Input your mobile number and the One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS to your mobile.
  • You’ll see your personal information, including your full name, sponsor’s name, profession, and contact details. Confirm these details by clicking ‘Continue.’

Step 2: Enter your previous license details

  • Indicate whether you currently hold a driving license – answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’
  • Select your licence-issuing country from the dropdown menu.
  • Provide your licence details, including category, issue date, and expiry date.
  • Specify whether you have the license in your possession and your nationality. Click ‘Next.’
  • Choose your driving license category as ‘Light Motor Vehicle'.

If your licence-issuing country isn’t eligible for automatic conversion, you’ll have two options:

  • ‘Golden Chance’: This offers a single opportunity for a road test and knowledge (theory) test without attending driving classes.
  • ‘Normal Stage’: This involves attending driving lectures, practical classes, and driving tests. The number of classes varies based on your driving experience.

Applying for the Golden Chance test

If you opt for the ‘Golden Chance’ test and are eligible, the RTA website will guide you through the application process. Here’s what to do:

Eye test: You can complete this eye test at any optical shop registered with the RTA in the UAE.

Knowledge test: Visit one of the registered driving institutes in Dubai to take the knowledge test (also known as the theory test). This assesses your understanding of road signs, highway rules, junction navigation, and responses to road hazards.

Road test: After passing the knowledge test, book your ‘Golden Chance’ road test.

Upon passing the road test, you’ll receive a two-year driving licence. After the first renewal, it becomes valid for five years.

Cost According to the RTA website is approximately Dhs2,000. However, the final payment will depend on your licence details and the driving school you choose.

What if you fail the test?

You only have one chance for a direct road test without taking driving lessons. If you fail, you’ll need to follow the standard process for obtaining a Dubai licence, which includes attending practical and theory lessons and tests.

News Source: Gulf Business

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