25 Facts about Google

25 Facts about Google

Let's take a closer look at Google, one of the biggest tech companies globally, through 25 interesting facts. From its quirky beginnings to its cool inventions, these facts show us how Google has changed the way we use the internet and technology. So, let's dive in and learn more about this fascinating company!

  1. Google was officially founded in September 1998
  2. It was founded in a rented garage in Silicon Valley
  3. Jeff Bezos was one of the earliest investors
  4. The Google.com domain was registered in 1997 already
  5. Google’s original name was BackRub
  6. “Google” is a reference to “googol” (10 raised to the power of 100)
  7. The 1st indexed website was Larry Pages’ Stanford website
  8. Stanford University still owns the patent to Google’s original search algorithm
  9. Today Google.com is available in 80+ languages
  10. Google.com is the world’s most-visited website
  11. Over 8.5BN searches take place every day
  12. 15% of all searches are new every day
  13. The word “Google” was officially recognized as a verb in 2006
  14. Today Google’s HQ is in Mountain View, CA
  15. Since 2015 Alphabet Inc. has been Google’s parent company
  16. Google has 9 products with over 1BN monthly active users
  17. Google has 180.000+ employees worldwide
  18. There are over 70 offices in 50+ countries
  19. The 1st international office opened in Tokyo in 2001
  20. Google offers its employees free food and snacks at every office
  21. Google’s employees are called Googlers
  22. New Employees are called Nooglers
  23. Office dogs are called Dooglers
  24. Google has had dog-friendly offices from day 1
  25. There’s an internal feature testing program called “dogfood”

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