UAE Government launches ‘Professional Programme for Designing the Future 2071’

UAE Government launches ‘Professional Programme for Designing the Future 2071’

The UAE Government launched the "Professional Programme for Designing the Future 2071" (Moonshot) to attract young talented graduates from leading universities in the UAE and around the world and engage them in drafting ideas and suggestions, to design future governments and advance communities.

The programme, which is being supervised by the Mohammed bin Rashid Government Innovation Centre, aims to attract the best young minds and talents and involve them in discovering solutions to critical challenges facing governments, by reinforcing their capacities and enabling them to offer creative suggestions and design innovative solutions to future issues.

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, stressed that the UAE Government aims, through the programme, to enhance the country’s prominent stature as a global hub that attracts minds, as well as create a motivating environment for developing and implementing creative ideas and engaging the youth in designing the future.

Al Gergawi said that the changes facing the world, most notably because of the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the related recovery efforts, underscore the importance of understanding key future challenges, which require strengthening the government capacities to meet the aspirations of their communities, drafting policies and strategies to protect information and digital privacy, innovating new models of government management, and encouraging partnerships with the private sector.

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