Dubai Municipality Raising E-Waste Awareness in Schools

Dubai Municipality Raising E-Waste Awareness in Schools

Dubai Municipality launched the E-Waste Collection competition, which aims to raise the level of awareness and sustainable environmental behavior among students, teaching staff and parents.

The move is part of the Municipality's constant keenness to establish a culture of environmental sustainability, through initiatives and campaigns, programs and competitions aimed at educating all segments of society in the Emirate.

The E-Waste Collection competition is an awareness workshop to motivate and encourage students to collect and segregate waste from the source and achieve maximum benefit from it.

The initiative is part of many community awareness programs in the annual plan to raise awareness in all areas of sustainable waste management, aimed at raising awareness of various groups of society on the importance of preserving natural resources, and inspire them to avoid practices that harm the environment.

Success of the Contest:

Through the competition, held in cooperation with the Emirates Foundation for school education, the sponsoring company, yesforcircle, and teachers, we managed to collect more than 4,600 kilograms of e-waste last month, with the participation of more than 20,000 students representing 45 public schools.

It was recycled in cooperation with the private sector. The participating schools were provided with a special container for collecting e-waste, which will be emptied once it is full, in cooperation with the coordinators from the faculty. The competition will continue until the end of the current semester.


A number of awareness visits to schools were organized in coordination with the strategic partners. E-waste awareness designs will also be prepared and distributed to all educational institutions, with the aim of ensuring that awareness messages reach the largest number of beneficiaries and promoting the achievement of the objectives of the competition.

The Municipality believes in the importance of focusing on sustainability and consolidating the values of environmental sustainability, and contributing to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals as well as raising the indicators of social responsibility among students in the emirate.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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