Dubai Police Busts 218 Illegal Massage Centres in 3 years

Dubai Police Busts 218 Illegal Massage Centres in 3 years

The Dubai Police has launched a campaign to raise public awareness on unlicensed massage centres that pose serious threats to whoever seeks their risky and illegal services.

Launched in collaboration with strategic partners, the campaign aims at combating illegal activities and ensuring the safety and security of community members.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al-Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations, confirmed that Dubai Police had intensified its efforts to raise public awareness of the centres' harmful activities and track down locations and operators of these unlicensed businesses, as well as to arrest distributors of massage cards on vehicles.

"Not only do such cards promote illegal businesses, but also contain indecent pictures that violate public morals. We are putting an end to this uncivilised phenomenon that causes hazards to motorists and pollutes our beautiful streets," Brig. Al Jallaf added.

He warned public members against dealing with the illicit massage centres, stressing that violators face legal liability, not to mention the high possibility of falling victims to extortionists.

"Dubai Police's efforts over the last three years have succeeded in disconnecting services of 3,114 phone numbers found on these cards, raiding 218 flats used as illegal business points, and arresting 2,025 violators, of which 1,643 were charged for violating public morals and 165 for printing and distributing massage cards," Brig Al Jallaf added.

The General Department of Criminal Investigations director reaffirmed that ensuring public safety is a shared responsibility between the Force and community members.

"Dial 901 or use 'Police Eye' service via Dubai Police smart App to report any suspicious, shady and illegal activities including these unlicensed centres and their promotors," he added.

Al Jallaf further noted that licensed massage centres are registered on Dubai Economic and Tourism, and whoever wishes to seek their services are encouraged to call the department on 800545555.

Brig Al Jallaf extended his appreciation to all partners for their collaboration with the law enforcement operations that ensure all properties that belonged to those illegal centres were deprived of utilities to operate, and their owners were legally held responsible for conducting unlicensed businesses.

"Dubai Police's partners have played a major role in achieving the campaign's objectives. They contributed to combating the hazard of massage cards distributed in an uncivilised manner, raised the awareness of business owners on more proper ways of carrying advertising and promotional campaigns, and aided the Force's efforts in issuing fines against violating centres," he added.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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