6 Spots in Dubai where you can workout for free

6 Spots in Dubai where you can workout for free

Now that the Dubai winters have returned, it is time for us to go outdoors. The boardwalks across the city are often crowded during this time of the year. It is the perfect season to feel the gush of the wind and bask in the sunlight without getting burned.

November was all about Dubai Fitness Challenge activities across the city. Dubai has always promoted physical and mental wellness to prevent lifestyle disease cases. There are multiple initiatives taken by the government to get the residents to lead healthy lives.

The holiday season also calls for some weight gain with a large number of festive treats and binge eating. How to burn all those calories? Hit the gym!

Enjoy the best climate of Dubai while also burning out those calories at the outdoor gyms that are installed across the region. You do not need to spend money at the gym, instead, here are some of the free outdoor gyms you should go to.

Dubai Marina Outdoor Gym

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Dubai Marina Outdoor Gym is one of the best places in Dubai where you can work out for free. The place offers the best views and the ample amount of sunshine you need.

There are various high-quality fitness installations here that you can make use of. The fitness freaks can meet fellow mates and share tips that will benefit them mutually. This outdoor gym zone also has space where you can do your own fitness drills without any equipment.

You can carry your water bottles to this place as Dubai Marina has three water filling stations installed as a part of the Dubai Can initiative.

Location: It is located in Al Seyahi St., opposite Dubai Marina Park in Dubai Marina.

Zabeel Park

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Zabeel Park is a popular spot for evening walks and fitness events. It is one of the largest parks in Dubai with an area of over 117 acres. It was opened to the public in 2005. The park is separated into Zabeel Park by Sheikh Zayed Rd (E11). It is internally connected via a bridge.

Both parks have jogging tracks running along the perimeter of the parks. The park is home to the mighty Dubai Frame, which is one of the busiest attractions in Dubai. It also has a kids’ play area, a small convention center, football turfs, and cricket grounds. However, the gym is located outside the boundary of the park, so you can use the equipment without having to pay for the ticket.

Zabeel Park also has various other fun attractions like Garden Glow and Dinosaur Park where you can spend your evenings. You can also have a view of the Dubai skyline from here.

Location: Zabeel Park A is located near the Max metro station while Zabeel Park B is near Zabeel mosque.

Al Ittihad Park

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Al Ittihad Park offers you a picturesque workout space in the most iconic Palm Jumeirah. This serene environment will be perfect for you to break a sweat if you live in the neighborhood. You can also see the monorail passing over you.

This park is Palm Jumeirah’s green oasis. The park is full of lush greens which could make you refreshed. It has varieties of trees and plants that are local to the UAE. The park is also perfect for a picnic with your loved ones.

Al Ittihad Park is home to a jogging track of over 3 km in length. The park also has a separate area for working out. Kids can also tag along with the adults as there is a designated area for them where they can indulge in fun activities.

The jogging tracks are lined with foliage. The sky is filled with colors during the sunrise and sunset hours. You can indulge in a full-body workout while at Al Ittihad Park. It is open 24 hours a day so you select a suitable time instead of having to cram this into your busy schedule.

Location: It is located in Palm Jumeirah, near Golden Mile Galleria Mall.

Al Barsha Pond Park

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Al Barsha Pond park is a popular spot for people who like to go for a picnic. The pond is surrounded by parkland. It is situated right in the center of the Al Barsha residential community. The park covers around 50 acres of which the major portion belongs to the pond situated in the center of the park.

A jogging track of length 1.2 km runs through the park. The park also has free workout classes organized by the people. You can also spend your time at the park involved in solo workouts as this is one of the best places to work out for free in Dubai. There are some workout machines that are installed for the public. The park also has different courts where you can play basketball or volleyball with your friends or family.

Al Barsha Pond park is a perfect place to take your kids. They can indulge in cycling, or play installations in the playground at the park. The park also provides bikes and other fitness equipment for rent. The shaded areas in the park can be an apt place for a family gathering or a get-together with friends.

The park is beautiful at night with the pond lit up creating a vibrant mood. You can also choose to walk along the side of the park.

Location: It is located in Al Barsha 2, opposite Al Barsha Mall.

Sky Dive Dubai

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Sky Dive Dubai at Dubai Marina is another popular spot where you can break a sweat for free. You can climb up the ropes or use the monkey bars at the calisthenics park. The place also offers tires to flip. There are many challenging workout machines that you can try out while at Sky Dive.

The place also has open spaces bedded with green grass if you want to meditate or do yoga. Many groups come here to engage in yoga classes. The Sky Dive Dubai also has a sprint track where you could run along with a view of the marine skyline of Dubai.

The perk of working out at Sky Dive Dubai is that you can see a sky full of skydivers. People living in Dubai Marina must make use of the facility they provide here to work out. The place is kid friendly as there is a park where the kids can spend their time. The outdoor gym at Sky Dive Dubai is open 24 hours so you can visit the place any time.

Location: It is located in Al Seyahi St, Dubai Marina.

Al Quoz Pond Park

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Al Quoz Pond Park is another public park on the list of outdoor gyms in Dubai. The park is spread over 127,000 sq. m of which 45,000 sq. m is occupied by the pond. The pond is the main attraction at the park. It is a family-friendly spot and there is a small residential community next to the park.

Al Quoz Pond Park has a synthetic jogging track around the perimeter of the pond. This gives the athlete a good view of the pond at all times during their walk. The park also has some equipment where you can exercise. The place has enough free spaces for you to engage in meditation, yoga, or self-workout sessions.

There are designated areas for kids where they can play on the game installations in the park. The park also offers courts to play basketball, volleyball, and football. Some courts even have an audience gallery from where they can watch your matches.

Al Quoz pond park is also a perfect place for families to join for a picnic. Al Quoz Pond Park also has an excellent view of the sunset.

The park opens at 8 am and closes by 11 pm on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) and on weekends it closes by 11:30 pm. Schedule your workout routine accordingly.

Location: It is located at the intersection of Al Khail Road and Meydan Road, Al Quoz.

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