UAE's ‎legal environment praised for supporting coexistence, ‎tolerance

UAE's ‎legal environment praised for supporting coexistence, ‎tolerance

Participants at the 28th Law Conference, organised by the ‎College of Law at the UAE University, in cooperation with the ‎United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, have praised the UAE's vital role in creating a legal social, cultural, and ‎economic environment that enhances values of coexistence and ‎tolerance between individuals and societies, at all levels.

The conference titled "Law for a ‎better world to enhance values of coexistence" concluded on Thursday.

It shed light on the importance of the ‎legislative framework in protecting values of coexistence and ‎tolerance to ensure effective adoption of these ‎values.‎ Dr. Jenan Al Bastaki, Assistant Dean for Research and ‎Graduate Studies and Chairperson of the Conference Organising ‎Committee, said that the conference has succeeded in ‎raising contemporary issues in human rights, tolerance and ‎inclusion in the knowledge society through four main sessions ‎over two days.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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