LG presents advanced technologies at Arab Health

LG presents advanced technologies at Arab Health

At Arab Health 2022, which runs from Jan. 24-27 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, LG will be presenting its latest innovations within the medical display market, illustrating technology’s ability to empower more accurate diagnosis, treatment and overall patient care.

With the extended impact of the pandemic being felt by many within the healthcare community, hospitals, offices and clinics have found themselves inundated with scans, at the same time as having to modify workflows to keep healthcare staff and patients safe.

Hongju Jeon, president of LG Electronics Gulf, said,

“While our region has shown a great deal of resilience, adapting to change in a timely and secure manner, looking ahead at the next stage of the pandemic and beyond, radiologists have the opportunity to reexamine and optimize their workflows, processes and patient care. With teleradiology also on the rise, the industry must closely examine the technologies available to ensure that remote radiologists have the tools required to deliver successful outcomes,”

Maintaining its commitment to providing innovative healthcare technologies, LG Business Solutions places high importance on deploying engineers and sales professionals to analyze the growing demands of telehealth and understand each radiologist’s journey.

At Arab Health, visitors can learn more about LG’s Diagnostic Monitor (model 21HQ513D), which features a large and bright 21.3-inch 3 MP IPS Display, facilitating the precise review of CT and angiography. An integrated Front Sensor enables easy calibration, improving the quality and consistency of medical images by maintaining accurate values.

Diagnostic monitors often need to be connected to various modalities, all with different resolutions. With LG’s Multi-resolution Mode, users can adjust the resolution of the monitor to optimize the connected device with speed and ease. In Pathology Mode, the 21HQ513D reproduces the same level of detail and color accuracy as seen directly under a microscope.

Down and Wall Lighting Modes alongside an Auto Luminance Sensor work to reduce the contrast between the monitor brightness and ambient lighting conditions, while also alleviating eye strain. LG’s 21HQ513D Diagnostic Monitor comes integrated with 5 hot keys for more intuitive operation.

Also on showcase is LG’s 14 x 17-inch Digital X-ray Detector (model 14HQ901G), which features an oxide-based thin-film transistor with electron transfer speeds up to 30 times faster than a conventional TFT. The 14HQ901G also improves the Detective Quantum Efficiency of the new oxide-based TFT by 28 percent to only 1 Ip/mm, compared to standard a-Si detectors.

The Digital X-ray Detector features a handle, sculpted handgrips and chamfers for increased portability. It can run for up to 8 hours and has hot-swap built-in, removable batteries, which allow the device to maintain power for up to 1 minute when the battery is removed.

Where equipment for chest examinations is required, LG’s experts at Arab Health are demonstrating how the company’s 31-inch 12 MP IPS Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography (model 31HN713D) can provide an edge. While featuring LG’s Multi-resolution Mode, Pathology Mode and Self-Calibration, it also has a One-Click Stand and ultra-lightweight body, which when coupled, empower users to freely adjust the tilt, height and swivel, reducing chronic pain caused by long hours of work.

News Source: Arab News

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