MoCD acquires 16 intellectual properties in 5 years to support people of determination

MoCD acquires 16 intellectual properties in 5 years to support people of determination

Over the past five years, the Ministry of Community Development has acquired 16 intellectual property rights (IPR) and innovations that support the welfare and rehabilitation efforts of the people of determination all over the UAE, provide and develop the best services for them and achieve their best inclusion and empowerment based on the ministry's vision and ongoing efforts to enhance the wellbeing of these categories within an integrated society and innovative ideas.

Nasser Ismail, Assistant Under-Secretary of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Community Development, emphasised that the ministry's work approach is increasing with more creative, innovative and productive tasks following the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership and keenness to adopt more ideas outside the traditional framework. He pointed out that all IPR acquired during the past period, serve the ministry’s vision and work for the welfare and rehabilitation of the people of determination and promote the UAE in global competitiveness indicators.

"Acquiring intellectual property rights is a great achievement and motivation to continue the vision of welfare, rehabilitation and empowerment of the people of determination based on the national policy to empower people of determination, the laws and legislation of 'persons with disabilities' in the UAE. Intellectual property rights strengthen the ministry's efforts in the process of welfare and development, and affirms the preservation of its rights to innovation and development to provide better services for the customers of different categories,"

Over the past year, 2021, the ministry acquired the IPR of the "Family Guide to Transit Children into Recovery", to provide the necessary information to help prepare their children for recovery and post-COVID-19 and post-crisis stability. The ministry also acquired the "Play Skills Development Portfolio for Children with Autism Disorder", part of an assessment of their developmental level and appropriate style of playing for each child.

In 2020, the ministry acquired seven intellectual properties of which, "Disability Classification Guide", "Employment Guide of People of Determination Recruitment in various Government and Private Sectors, "Inclusive Employment Portfolio for Professional Trainers in Working Environment" to support and maintain their stability and career growth. The ministry also has "Family Journey Guide in the Early Intervention Programme" to help parents who have children with developmental delays or doubts. They also have "Home Education Guide for Autistic Children and Intellectual Disabilities" with many training objectives in communication, social, mobility and knowledge that families can develop with children at home.

The ministry also acquired the IPR for the "remote intervention system for children with developmental delays" using techniques and programmes for parents of people of determination and developmentally delayed early childhood. Also acquired is the "home psychological first aid bag" to ensure that children are treated optimally to relieve and overcome the stress they are facing.

In 2019, the Ministry of Community Development acquired two IPRs: Children's Storytelling Collection-Me and My Brother - to build a positive relationship between the people of determination and their siblings. The "social stories series- self-protection" was issued to provide them with information on possible forms of abuse and mechanisms of action.

In 2015, the ministry acquired five IPRs: "Educational stories for children with autism and intellectual disabilities" to develop a range of behavioural, social and communication skills. It also "measures the self-concept of persons with intellectual disabilities" to develop educational behavioural programmes for children with mental disabilities, "Early Detection Of Developmentally delayed Children" to measure and supports the smooth transfer of children into the appropriate early intervention centres and the provision of individual training and treatment plans for each child.

The ministry also issued two intellectual property rights: "Detection Measures for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities - Male Version", "Professional Measures of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities - Female Version", to transform students into the appropriate training place for their inclinations, or the appropriate job, increase stability and professional adjustment among people with intellectual disabilities in work environments.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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