Samsung To Integrate SmartThings Technology Into Samsung Devices

Samsung To Integrate SmartThings Technology Into Samsung Devices

Samsung SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT, unveiled today further details about the integration of SmartThings Hub software into select 2022 Samsung Smart TVs, Smart Monitors and Family Hub refrigerators.

The integration of SmartThings Hub software allows seamless connectivity and control, igniting Samsung products into the command centre of the modern home. By providing new entry points to connected living for tens of millions of homes, consumers can easily turn their home into a smart home.

Mark Benson, Head of Product and Engineering at Samsung SmartThings, said,

“Historically, consumers relied on dedicated hubs to connect each of their devices,”

“By integrating SmartThings Hub technology into select Samsung products, we are eliminating a barrier to entry and streamlining the entire process to enable consumers to create the connected home of their dreams.”

With billions of devices already compatible with SmartThings’ rich ecosystem of partnerships, along with future support for the groundbreaking smart home interoperability standard, Matter, SmartThings is at the center of creating a unified connected home experience.

The integration of the SmartThings Hub empowers users to get the most out of their Samsung devices by leveraging various smart home communication protocols. In addition to Matter, the built-in software will support connection over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, which will enable communication among a wide range of smart devices. Additional connectivity to Zigbee devices will also be possible through an optional USB accessory.

Jaeyeon Jung, Vice President at Samsung Electronics and Head of SmartThings, said,

“SmartThings’ mission has always been to create experiences that can make people’s lives better. To bring this mission to life, we have doubled down on enhancing SmartThings technology and this is the next step in Samsung’s vision to make all homes connected,

“With the breadth of the Samsung portfolio and the open, versatile and flexible platform offered by SmartThings, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on the increasing demand for connected home devices that has been building since the start of the pandemic.”

SmartThings Hub capabilities will be available in select Samsung products throughout 2022. For more information about SmartThings, please visit

News Source: Samsung Newsroom

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