UAE's commitment to control diabetes the best in region

UAE's commitment to control diabetes the best in region

Dr. Mohammed Salim Al Olama, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), has stressed that the UAE is among the region's best countries in controlling diabetes according to the highest international standards, thanks to the programs and initiatives launched by the country’s health system.

Speaking on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, which falls on 14th November of every year, Al Olama said that the Ministry of Health and Prevention is committed to developing health policies based on scientific research, setting and enforcing guidelines and frameworks for action.

He emphasised that the National Strategy for Fighting Diabetes has not only contributed to reducing infection rates by 6.8 percent in recent years, but also fostered the UAE’s global reputation, which resulted in it being ranked second in the world in terms of registering innovative medicines, including diabetes medicines. This has too supported patients and provided them with innovative medicine quickly.

“Every year on November 14, World Diabetes Day offers an opportunity to raise awareness among the public about the significance of leading healthy lifestyles to reduce the risks and effects of diabetes on families, promote early diagnosis, and strengthen the role that families can play in increasing health awareness to better treat the disease and prevent its complications,”

Al Olama added.

“World Diabetes Day is a great time to promote preventative health habits, raise the public awareness of several health issues related to diabetes, and discuss how these issues affect families and society as a whole. To do this and enhance the outcomes of its national indicator in accordance with governmental strategic plans and sustainable development initiatives, the Ministry regularly organises awareness campaigns, events, and other activities,”

he stated.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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