Uber drops prices for Uber Green to promote eco-friendly travel in Dubai

Uber drops prices for Uber Green to promote eco-friendly travel in Dubai

Uber has dropped the fares of its eco-friendly product, Uber Green, to match its cheapest ride option, UberX.

This move aims to cut emissions and encourage more riders to opt for sustainable options in the lead-up to COP28.

This price decrease supports the company’s commitment to have one in four trips requested through the Uber app in the UAE be emission-free by 2030, corresponding with the country’s own net zero strategy sustainability goals.

Why you should choose an Uber Green ride

Each Uber Green trip emits at least 25 per cent less carbon emissions than the average ride, and over 9 per cent of trips hailed in UAE from January to March were emission-free.

With Uber Green currently available for journeys starting in Dubai, the feature operates in the same way as a regular UberX trip.

By choosing Uber Green, riders will be riding in a 100 per cent electric vehicle with zero exhaust emissions – no hybrids, diesel, or petrol vehicles, helping to reduce air pollution and minimise carbon footprint.

Pia El Hachem, GM, Uber – UAE and Levant, said:

“Sustainability is one of our key priorities and we are committed to making environment-friendly options more accessible for a wider community of people.

“We know sustainability is a team sport, and we can’t get there alone. In our efforts to encourage a greener city, we hope that the decrease in fares encourages riders to make the cleaner choice and advances COP28’s goals to accelerate emissions reductions and foster inclusive climate progress.”

The company has globally committed to becoming a zero emissions platform by 2040 and invested $800m in resources to drivers in the next five years to achieve these goals, and ultimately transition to clean energy in partnership with drivers, industry innovators and governments.

News Source: Gulf Business

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