Dubai: How multiple visa options are making it easier for tourists to come back for more

Dubai: How multiple visa options are making it easier for tourists to come back for more

Visitors are pouring into the emirate in record numbers because to new attractions and culinary experiences from around the world, reports Dubai tourism CEO.

According to a top official, Dubai offers a wide variety of visa choices to satisfy different traveler preferences and requirements, ensuring a smooth entry process for visitors.

According to Issam Kazim, CEO of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM),

"Dubai is strategically directing its efforts towards capturing additional avenues for growth beyond the conventional drivers of visitation, which encompass leisure and business travellers."
"These efforts are supported by a number of regulatory enablers and reforms that have successfully lowered entry barriers and paved the way for sustained and long-term engagement with the city,"

the statement reads.

These consist of:

Golden Visas: Long-term residence permits of up to ten years given to wealthy investors and gifted foreign nationals.

5-year multiple-entry visa: The visa in Dubai is available to employees of multinational corporations as well as visitors on repeated trips. It facilitates visa application processes and aids in extending visitors' stays from other countries. Employees of foreign-owned businesses also gain from it since it gives them the opportunity to take part in events, conferences, training sessions, exhibitions, and other similar activities that these businesses host in Dubai.

Working virtually: Through a one-year scheme, expats can reside in Dubai while working virtually for companies situated outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Retire in Dubai: Eligible applicants must be retired, older than 55, and in possession of specific financial requirements in order to be granted the 5-year, renewable visa.

According to Kazim,

"Dubai's broad visa selection underlines its steadfast commitment to maintaining its position as a premier hub for business, investment, and tourism. These programs further highlight Dubai's status as a hub for global liveability and a global icon of multiculturalism.

Only-in-Dubai experiences

The CEO of the Dubai tourism organization identified the unique experiences that visitors may only discover here.

"Dubai's offers have expanded in conjunction with its ambitious tourist plan, providing an unrivaled destination that attracts a variety of international travelers, from world landmarks to amazing architectural marvels, traditional souks, and desert safaris. The Burj Khalifa, the Museum of the Future, The Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Frame, Deep Dive Dubai, Miracle Garden, and Dubai Fitness Challenge, among others, stand out among these unique experiences available only in Dubai.
"The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library reflects the city's unwavering commitment to knowledge and culture, while the Museum of the Future stands as a remarkable architectural masterpiece, reflecting Dubai's forward-looking ethos."

The world's deepest swimming pool, Deep Dive Dubai, as well as the legendary hotel Atlantis The Royal, he continued, add to the variety of attractions.

He continued,

"Tourists keep returning to Dubai to discover new experiences and legendary attractions."

Food from around the world

The CEO of DCTCM claims that a lot of effort has been put into establishing Dubai as a major culinary destination that provides both locals and visitors with a wide range of culinary experiences.

"The June 2022 release of the MICHELIN Guide Dubai significantly improved Dubai's culinary landscape. The number of Dubai restaurants featured in this year's second edition of the book is 90, a significant increase from the 69 restaurants featured in the first edition. In addition, numerous restaurants in Dubai have been recognized in the MENA's 50 Best Restaurants List, and two of them have gained seats in The World's 50 Best Restaurants List for 2023. The renowned fine dining review brand Gault&Millau has also entered Dubai's thriving food industry, further enhancing the gastronomic landscape,

he continued.

Nearly 100 hotel establishments open since 2019

As of mid-2023, a total of 810 hotel establishments and 148,689 rooms were available for visitors and residents in Dubai. This is a notable increase from 714 hotel establishments and 118,345 rooms at the end of H1 2019.

“Throughout H1 2023, Dubai's hotels achieved an average occupancy rate of 78 per cent, ranking among the world's highest, with a 2.2 per cent increase compared to the same period in H1 2019. This achievement stands out, particularly given the concurrent growth of hotel establishments by 13 per cent and room capacity by 26 per cent since 2019.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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