5 Popular Attractions in Dubai Reopening Soon as Summer Ends

5 Popular Attractions in Dubai Reopening Soon as Summer Ends

With the arrival of a new season, the emirate provides captivating attractions and numerous opportunities to enjoy its delightful cooler weather.

Winter is coming! Now that the highly anticipated Suhail star has made its appearance, we anticipate a gradual reduction in the scorching summer heat. While it doesn't signal the arrival of winter, it does mark a shift in the UAE's weather patterns. And that alone is a cause for celebration among us residents.

Dubai undergoes a captivating transformation as the cooler weather sets in. This change of season brings a genuine sense of enchantment as Dubai reveals a rich array of captivating attractions and numerous opportunities to relish its delightful winter season. Residents eagerly venture out in large numbers, and the city comes alive with activity, particularly as some of its most beloved attractions reopen for the season.

Here's a list of the exciting attractions that will be reopening in Dubai as the summer comes to a close:

Global Village

Photo by M. Sajjad

Dubai's Global Village is set to open a week ahead of schedule this year. Season 28 will kick off on October 18, with the initial opening date being October 25. This decision is a response to the "overwhelming demand" and the desire to offer an extended opportunity for everyone to experience a more delightful world.

The family theme park will welcome visitors for 194 days, concluding the season on April 28, 2024. By starting a few days earlier for Season 28, Global Village intends to provide guests with an extended period to enjoy thrilling entertainment, cultural diversity, and exceptional attractions.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is set to make its return with Season 9 on September 15, 2023, featuring new experiences and an enthralling theme. This attraction in Zabeel Park showcases a multitude of vibrant lanterns that move and illuminate, crafted using over 10 million energy-efficient light bulbs. Visitors can explore four distinct parks, including the world's largest glow garden. The garden transforms from 'Art by Day' to 'Glow by Night,' coming to life with a dazzling display after sunset. The Glowing Safari showcases numerous lanterns shaped like animals and flowers, while the beloved Dinosaur Park boasts over 100 animatronic dinosaurs.

Hatta Resorts

Hatta Resorts is gearing up to welcome guests once more, with its reopening slated for September 15th. For outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a touch of comfort during their camping adventures, Hatta Resorts offers the option to reserve trailers, lodges, or even caravans. Families in search of a distinctive experience can choose the unique Domes at Hatta Resorts, resembling igloos and offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Conveniently located just a 90-minute drive from Dubai, both residents and visitors can engage in a wide range of exhilarating activities, including ziplining, mountain biking, rock climbing, and paragliding.

Miracle Garden

As the cool air gently ushers in the anticipation of winter, it also signals the exciting reopening of Dubai Miracle Garden. With the summer heat fading, this floral wonderland readies itself to welcome visitors back, typically reopening in late October or early November.

Dubai Miracle Garden is renowned as one of the most Instagram-worthy destinations for tourists exploring Dubai in winter, thanks to its breathtaking floral arrangements and vibrant, oversized displays. The attraction has already sparked excitement among eager visitors with a teaser of what awaits in Season 12.

Dubai Safari

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Dubai Safari Park, which houses approximately 3,000 animals spanning lions, tigers, gazelles, various primates, reptiles, and birds, is gearing up to welcome visitors once again. While the park has not yet announced its reopening dates, eager residents are already expressing interest in this beloved attraction. Tickets for the upcoming season are not currently available and will open for booking later in the year.

Visitors can obtain a day pass for Dh50, while children aged three to 12 can enter for Dh20, and those younger than three can enter for free. The park also offers a range of other experiences, including safari journeys with train services.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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