Apple adds more ad space in App Store

Apple adds more ad space in App Store

Apple has introduced more paid-for adverts in its App Store. The tech giant made the move a week after changes in its new operating system limited tracking for advertisement by other companies.

Under the new addition, app-makers will be able to promote via the App Store search tab, instead of just relying on adverts sold at the top of search results.
As reported by BBC, Enders Analysis senior media analyst Jamie MacEwan commented:

"The timing makes sense. Apple probably anticipates increased demand for exposure on the App Store. That's because Apple's iOS privacy changes have made other options less attractive."

The company's App Tracking Transparency feature was launched last month in the iOS 14.5 update. Since the patch, people will have noticed a prompt popping up when downloading a new app.

The message asks for your permission to track online activity "across other companies' apps and websites". This is used by the likes of Facebook to create targeted ads based on users' online behaviour.

The social networking site has been critical of the "privacy" features and previously claimed they would hurt advertisers and app makers while helping Apple.

Facebook had said:

"Apple's policies leave very limited options for app developers to find customers through effective advertising - and, conveniently, Apple's own advertising products is one of them."

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