DHA licensed 3,957 health care professionals and 321 health facilities in 2020

DHA licensed 3,957 health care professionals and 321 health facilities in 2020

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provided new licenses to 3,957 health care professionals and 321 health facilities, in Dubai, last year.  

This totals the number of active health facilities in Dubai to 3,499, out of which, 42 are hospitals, 971 are outpatient clinics, 35 are day surgical centres and 1,071 are pharmacies.

Meanwhile the total number of active health care professionals in Dubai is 39,411, out of which, 8,671 are physicians, 16,409 are nurses and midwifes, 11,659 are allied health professionals, 2,426 are dentists and 245 are traditional, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

Dr Hisham Al Hammadi, Director of Health Licensing at the DHA, said that continuing to receive licensing requests during the unprecedented times that the world is witnessing, reflects the big confidence investors have in the emirate and reaffirms its place as a leading destination for health investment.

He added that to facilitate these licensing requests, the DHA has put in place simplified procedures making all licensing services- issuance and renewal of professional licenses as well as issuance and renewal of professional and health facility licenses— completely online.

He explained that this was possible through the Sheryan system, which utilizes AI technology to make the licensing process more effective and faster— reducing the process of reactivating a license.

This is in line with the Dubai Paperless Strategy, the vision of Smart Dubai and in line with DHA’s strategy.

Dr Al Hammadi concluded by stating that the DHA and the government of Dubai will continue to facilitate its services to fulfil the health and wellness needs of the emirate’s growing population and medical tourist.

News Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2021/January/20-01/dha

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