Dubai hosts Winter Camp at Al Jalila Cultural Centre

Dubai hosts Winter Camp at Al Jalila Cultural Centre

Within expressive spaces that seek to motivate children to be creative, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is organising the Young Creatives’ Winter Camp at Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children.

The camp will feature two weeks of activities to enhance the skills of children and hone their creative talents. The Authority’s objective is to establish a creative and sustainable environment for the arts and contribute to the development of Dubai’s creative economy.

This December, the Young Creatives’ winter camp will offer young creatives access to a series of engaging and artistic activities in music, arts and theatre, aimed at sparking their imagination and honing their creative skills.


The winter camp is targeting children aged 4 to 12 and will be held over a period of two weeks from 12 to 23 December. Children will be able to elevate their creativity in theatre, arts and music and learn the origins and artistry behind handicrafts.

Adel Omar, Senior Special Project and Media Director at Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children affirmed the importance of encouraging the creative and artistic faculties of children, saying:

“Through the Young Creatives’ winter camp at Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, Dubai Culture is keen to invest in the creative of children by providing them with artistic and recreational programmes and workshops. This will contribute to enhancing their skills and developing their talents in an educational and entertaining atmosphere.”

Adel Omar affirmed that the winter camp reflects Dubai Culture’s commitment to promoting the spirit of exploration and innovation in children, adding:

“These camps provide children with an exceptional opportunity to develop their imaginations and their skills, in addition to investing their mental and physical abilities in learning and creativity.”

Creativity and Arts

The winter camp will open its doors to all creative children from 4 to 6 years seeking to learn the ins and outs of performing arts. They will present an integrated show that reflects their ideas, depending on their choice, from theatre, music. They will also learn the art of mosaics, sand painting, soap making, and other handicrafts that are held in cooperation with Project You.

The winter camp also seeks to attract children aged between 7 and 9 through painting as part of training workshops in which they will discover the art of terrazzo (making marble paintings), the art of candle making, and the origins of tufting.

It will also have a programme of events for children 10 to 12 years old, covering the art of anime, dot painting, sand painting, and painting on canvas bags. They will also learn to make tables, candles, and mosaics, among other disciplines.

All the artistic activities and workshops included in the winter camp are held in a comfortable and safe environment to motivate children to express their creativity and develop their skills under the supervision of a group of experts, artists, and specialists. The camp is part of Dubai Culture’s endeavours to achieve its vision of consolidating the emirate’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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