Dubai Municipality wins two awards at International Awards for Liveable Communities

Dubai Municipality wins two awards at International Awards for Liveable Communities

Dubai Municipality won two awards at the International Awards for Liveable Communities or ‘LivCom Awards,’ organised by the LivCom Committee in collaboration with the United Nations.

The Municipality received first place in the ‘Sustainable Planning and Management Policies’ category and second place in the ‘Whole City’ category. The awards aimed to recognise the best international practices in community management and urban development.

The awards acknowledged Dubai Municipality's efforts in establishing innovative development projects that promote sustainability and environmental awareness across the community. The Municipality was further appreciated for serving as a model for its initiatives in environmental wellness and urban development that raise the standards of living for residents by fostering livable communities.

Dubai Municipality successfully proposed 14 initiatives that were consistent with the award's requirements, which included sustainable urban planning, heritage, culture and arts, promotion of public and green spaces, preservation of the environment and green economy, community participation, quality of life, and community health. The initiatives included Afforestation and Open Areas Strategy, Metro Stations’ Development Strategy, and the How You See It 2040 application, all of which aim to further improve living standards and foster a sustainable environment for residents of the Emirate.

The International Organization of Liveable Communities has been awarding the ‘LivCom Awards’ since 1997, in collaboration with the United Nations International Institute on Ageing (UN-INIA), the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), and the UK-based International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP). The latest recognition is a testament to Dubai Municipality’s diligent efforts in improving community well-being and driving effective environmental policies.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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